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  1. Default So what are all of the "X>" possibilities?

    J> = Joining
    R> = Recruiting
    B> = Buying
    S> = Selling
    PC> = Price Check
    A> = Auction

    Any others?

  2. Water
    IGN: MyCoastGuard
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 10x
    Job: Marauder
    Guild: Loooooooool
    Alliance: Loooooooool


    L>Looking For
    LF>Looking For

  3. Default

    Sm> __*insert word*____

    Smexing for __*insert word*______

  4. Default

    I've never seen anyone use A>.

    On topic

    All the x> I use are posted.

  5. Default

    These and the ones Fiel has posted are the only ones I've seen/used.

    4th result for me.



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