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Thread: sweetwater gear

  1. Default sweetwater gear

    should i buy nice cubed sweetwater gear or bad sweetwater gear and cube it myself form the event?

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    Default Re: sweetwater gear

    Are you talking about Tattoo/Glasses (that are Epic on reveal) or weapon and armor?
    What kind of potential are you aiming for?

    The 3 cubes per character in the coin shop could get you 7% mainstat on Tattoo and Glasses. If you manage to pass an Epic scroll on other gear, the same holds for that too. However, if you're looking for Unique and/or good weapon stats, those event cubes won't get you far.

  3. Default Re: sweetwater gear

    yea tattoo and glasses for potential i'm not sure i'm getting this for a xenon so all stat or luk would be ideal i don't need legendary so epic or unique would be good enough



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