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  1. Default Warrior flaunting thread!

    Yeah you can post whatever you want in here. Screenshots of your damage / stats / equips / whatever you think is appropriate. I'll kick off with my little warrior's damage:

  2. Default

    lv20 Berserk, lv19 MW, still 10 points in hp that I haven't washed out (need to MTS stuff for the NX)

  3. Neutron Straight Male
    IGN: TenKayPlusHP
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: (the one and only) HP Dark Knight
    Guild: DarkLily
    Alliance: -none-


    here's what i got =D

    i do not have berserk yet, but im mts-ing slowly for nx to reset beholder

  4. Helium Atom
    IGN: Protected
    Server: Gerrant
    Level: 32
    Job: Priest
    Guild: Risen
    Alliance: Somnium


    This was my equips back in the days when pink capes started to become common.

  5. Default

    I was all set to reply and then it turns out there's a server check going on.

    I guess I can just mention that my mid 5x Fighter (Broa) easily breaks 4.5k damage :/ pictures will come later, and if possible I'll try to borrow a 12-14 atk WG so I can maybe do 5k.
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  6. Default

    I probably won't hit this high again til 120, but eh..

  7. Default

    I guess I won't be really strong until lvl 80+, because I'm not really willing to spend much money on weapons that'll only last me for 10 levels. I already have a 3/6 cape and probably a zak helm waiting for me to hit 50, so that should improve my damage quite a bit :)

  8. Default

    I hate bragging but I wanna do it once in a while eh?

    My equipments are rather average, and not really worth screenshotting >.>
    - 2 atk, 7 str pink cape
    - 20 DEX Blue Empress
    - 8 accuracy Blue Rivers boots
    - 12 attack brown work glove
    - Average Zakum helm (at least in str and dex)
    - Clean earrings
    - Average clean Spigelmann necklace
    - My pride and joy - 118/11 Red Surfboard


  9. Default

    Using my 8 atk rage for now, I'll maybe use a Warrior Elixir later.

  10. Default

    Kinda old...

    I can hit 40kish now without se

  11. Default

    My gear:


    It translates to 30k+ brandishes and 97k panics on snails, a bit less on higher leveled stuff, but I've seen a 52k coma on a newtie. I'll post screens of my actual damage whenever I stop being so lazy.

  12. Default

    That shield is still so insane o_O DO WANT!

  13. Default

    Me and my friends 79 Dk


    According to my math 7.3k is the max possible hit

    Here is its equips/stats,yes I stink at paint.
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  14. Default

    wow 30k brandish with a red katana? AND at lvl 15x?? thats pretty damn godly right there. Wow @ that shield

  15. Default

    Keep in mind it's only on snails and such though. <_<; Highest I've seen on a skele was (I think) 28k-28,5k, but I'd have to double check. I still have to reset 21 dex so when I switch back to my own shield, the difference shouldn't be too big.

    Edit: Oh right, I forgot to add the 4dex rat mouth I have although that's not really a big deal.
    Editedit: Friend sold me 25k NX, so I got 5 resets and reset to 20; saving the 11k for a 10 day 2x. It got easier to SS 30k brandish, so I went and did.

    Considering before, 28,2k was my max on skele and 30,0xx was my max on snails, I'd say my max on skele is 28,5 now. Just a few more resets and levels and I'll be there...
    Last edited by Hero; 2008-07-06 at 04:42 PM.

  16. Default

    DK leveled a few times, max Fury instead of 25, 6 Crusher 1 Spear Fury.



  17. Default

    Apparently my 118 atk BW is subpar but I'm not willing to pay the prices people ask on higher ones :|

    If it's unclear, that's 20606 with Charge Blow (lv.2 = 270%)

  18. Default

    Oh man do I want that Katana.

  19. Default

    I won't post my stats since I'm not much into showing off, but I can post the Colonian I made.




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