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Thread: SP Resets

  1. Harrisonized

    Default SP Resets

    Do 4th job SP Resets work on 3rd job skills?

    No I don't mean taking a point from 4th job and putting it into third. I mean taking the point out of a 3rd job skill directly and relocating it to an equal or lower level.

    By the way, I meant SP resets.
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  2. Default

    on the sp descryption, it say you can take a point from 4job and put in 3job, but i did try it, do not work =\

  3. Default

    I'm pretty sure that 4th job SP resets aren't supposed to do what 3rd job SP resets do.

  4. Default

    You could place a new 4th job sp in 3rd job (where you want it to be), then use 4th job sp reset to pull a point out of 3rd job (where you don't want it to be) and apply it to 4th job where you want.

    But you would have to seriously grind hard for 90 days to get significant value out of this (or have a bunch of saved sp).

  5. Default

    the descryption is kinda weird

  6. Harrisonized


    Unfortunately, I bought it today and tested it. When you use it, you can see your whole skill book, starting from 1st job all the way to 4th. However, the only place you can pull out skill points (which has the orange down button) is in the 4th job category. So, to test this, I pulled out a point, and to my surprise, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job columns all disappeared!

    So, the only thing 4th job resets work on are 4th job skills. It is impossible to do what you mentioned, sadly, or I'd do it. =(
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  7. Harrisonized


    Since it's been requested at the other thread on SW, I'll post this here as well:
    Here's what it looks like when you double-click it
    As you can see, it will not let me pull out any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd job points. I can still see the full books, but only when I click the 4th job tab are there orange down-arrows indicating that I may lower the skills. Interestingly though, the 4th job Tab does not have that "SP Able to Reset" at the bottom.
    Here's what happens when I try resetting a point from fourth job
    The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job books disappear. I may only reset it into 4th job points. =(
    I thought over again what you said but that won't work for my purposes.

    Assuming that it does work, then...
    1) I put a point in 3rd job skills
    2) I use AP reset to pull out that point again...
    3) What do I do with it? Put it back into 4th job?
    4) The fourth job point, now extracted back to 4th job from 3rd job, means the same scenario as the Screenshots I posted above, will happen. =(

    I'm trying to reset Comp into Booster, both of which are third job skills.

  8. Default

    er, you use a 3rd job SP reset to reset 3rd job skills...

    I reset 2nd job Skills (1 point from FA into Mastery for expert) with a 2nd Job SP reset at 11x.

  9. Harrisonized


    Except that they didn't sell 3rd job SP resets this year. I thought I could get away with doing this but apparently I was wrong.

  10. Default

    Yea. If you added a point during 4th job to a 3rd job skill, it might have worked. :X

  11. Default

    OMG. Southperry is getting RESET?!
    >>>sarcasm off

  12. Default

    The reset will only let you pull out sp that you aquired after you obtained 4th job. If you place one 4th job sp into a 3rd job skill (Booster) then when you double click the reset to see what you can pull it out of you may pull out one sp from 3rd job from any area (Comp) and put the sp in the 4th job skill you want.

    So for example you lvl up and you get three 4th job sp. You place 3 points into Booster (3rd job), you use three 4th jpb SP resets and you pull your three points out of Comp and place them into Blizzard or w/e 4th job skill you were working on.

    If you double click the reset before you applied any sp you obtained in the 4th job to the 3rd job you naturally don't see any option to pull it out because a 4th job sp reset only allows points you applied (to any job 1,2,3,4) during your 4th job to be removed and then applied to 4th job skills only.

    For example I applied 2nd job sp to a 1st job skill (cuz holy arrow is useless) and in the 3rd job I applied 1 sp to a 2nd job skill (cuz 4th job was actually released and I changed my build and decided 1 more mp eater was better than 10 more sec of door). After mts came out and I no longer had to pay my own real $$$ for sp resets I bought a 3rd job sp reset. When I double clicked it I could take 1 point out of 1st job or 1 point out of 2nd job (or any number of points out of 3rd job) and then I had the option to apply it to a 3rd job skill so I pulled a point out of magic claw and applied it to door since I don't use claw at all anymore.

    So it works, but you have to apply the points first because you may only remove skill points that were earned/applied during 4th job.

    So for your pictures, after you apply 1 sp from 4th job to a 3rd job skill then when you use your sp reset the 3rd job skill book will have a 1 at the bottom and the arrows will activate (if you push down on any one of them the rest of them will go to 0 because you only applied 1 point). If you applied any of your 3rd job sp to 2nd job then you will also see the option for 2nd job as well.

    I think the part you are missing is that you do not have to pull the point out of the same skill you placed it into. You can choose to pull the sp out of any skill but you are limited to only pulling sp that was placed during your 4th job. So if you place one 4th job sp in 3rd job skill you may pull out 1 sp from ANY 3rd job skill. And then you must apply it to a 4th job skill.

    Does that make sence?
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  13. Default

    If I understand what ^ is saying, it's like HP washing.

    HP/MP points share the same AP pool, so you can put a point in HP, then take it out of MP and put it in whatever.

    Likewise, 3rd job points share the same SP pool, so you can (supposedly) put a point in Booster, then take it out of Comp and put it in whatever.

  14. Harrisonized


    Oh, no, I know what you're saying. However, according to this:
    You can't do that.
    So you tried this with 3rd job resets and it works is what you're saying?
    So therefore, the points ARE indeed pooled together like the HP/MP points?
    Yes, it does. It's not that I don't understand your methods, it's that after I understood them, someone else gave me reasonable doubt to whether or not it'd work.

  15. Default

    If I understand what she's saying, you must first have used a 4th job SP on any of the other three books. After that, you are able to pull an SP from any book that has more than its own advancement's points after you had advanced to the next job.

  16. Default

    Well I have no idea why that guy said the game keeps track of which skill you put the point into. If the game does keep track then it doesn't care because it allows you to pull the point out of a skill you did not put it into. I know because I've done it. He's probably speculating.

    And I see no reason why 4th job resets will work any differently than 3rd job resets. A DK friend of mine says he's now a hybrid and used 4th job resets to do it.

    Now that is a very nice summary. I'm just too wordy.

  17. Harrisonized


    I just looked at the SP reset yet AGAIN, and noticed that... it said that points placed in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd after 4th job can only be applied to the 3rd job. Typo? Or intention?

    I don't want to risk my 4th job points. =(

  18. Default

    Seems to be a typo, check the description for the 3rd job reset to see if that part's the same.

  19. Default

    I vote typo. No one has complained that they can't change 4th job points from one 4th job skill to another since the resets have been out. If they truly didn't work someone would have said something by now.

    It seems Nexon coppied the 3rd job one rather than another translation and just forgot to make the change toward the end. Seems to fit in with their regular translation abilities.

  20. Harrisonized


    I don't want to try if it doesn't have 100% confirmation. Ending up losing 4th job points isn't exactly a very appealing idea. I suppose though that someone must have done it as there were 16xs before 4th job came out who must have invested those 4th job points in 3rd job skills...



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