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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Transformation...

    I like how Nexon screws up this feature...

  2. Default

    get hit. Take damage in some way.

    Do you have one of those leafs in your inventory? they supposedly prevent you from transforming back.

    What's a lot more annoying is that I transformed into Sophilia with the potion and it won't let me in Santa's house :(

    Why does santa let Yeti in, who might destroy his home, when there's a poor little girl shivering in the cold and he locks her out? What a cold hearted bastard :(

  3. Harrisonized


    Can't. There's no way I can take damage on a Boat. I just waited it out though.
    I tried getting into that portal and then a NPC popped up saying I had to be transformed. I wasted a mouse potion on it.
    Maple is full of ironies. =(

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    He lets in the infamous Trojan PQBox too...hmm...

    *Laughs as a multitude of noobs floods from Trojan PQBox into Santa's lap, greatly exhausting his magical gift-giving powers*


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    The best part of this is that Sophilia transformation is invincible. You're only supposed to have it for 5 minutes, and rush to the cursed boy, but with this potion it lasts an hour.

    Thus, I am now immune to touch damage for an hour. Pretty cool. :p

    oh, and as for why the mouse transform can't be canceled - The original purpose of the mouse transform was the cheese warehouse JQ. The only thing hard about it was that you had to jump it in mouse form. If you could cancel it out and jump it normal, that'd be too easy. So, they made it unable to be canceled. Our Nexon, in their infinite wisdom, took this buff which is supposed to be cast on you by an NPC, and never enter anyone's inventory, and handed it out as part of an event. >_>

  6. Harrisonized


    Go GQ and do the part that the Thieves using dark sight are supposed to do.
    So you could only transform into a mouse to JQ?

    Couldn't they just nerf your speed to regular speed like how they always do? As long as the speed/jump is 100, then being a mouse and being a human is no different? That explains the shape of the USE item though it'd be pretty funny if they handed out Victory of the Horntail Squad in such a manner.

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    As I said in another thread, useful for seducees (Sedmules, Sedtanks, w/e) at HT?

  8. Default

    Useful for buying Helms/Pendants. GET ON IT!

    Also, Santa won't let you in because you're a trap.

  9. Harrisonized


    Won't you get hit by the magic attacks though? Isaac only said that touch damage misses.

  10. Default

    Ah, you're right...hmm...still could be useful with proper timing I guess...and if magic attacks didnt negate it...

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    He saw the Shining.

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    Could always stay inside the body, so only like, two magic attacks would hit you.

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    are there any other transformations that gives invincibility?

    used the Sophilia transformation to pass the ZJQ xD

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    Wow. Pure genious right there. :P

  15. Default

    Would work for the cwkJQ as well

  16. Default

    oh wow that's good thinking

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    i like how you explain things

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    haha, the dif is, cwk jq is really easy and can be skipped, while the nath one is more important and alot harder to ones who havent done it 99999999 times >_> thats such a good idea right there

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    OHMYGAWD. And it took me 1 and a half hours to do it



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