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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Hypnotize, the ignored skill?

    Apparently, nobody bothers using it, and even the skill builds put it in pretty late, with only one point at first.
    It would seem pretty useful at a boss if you can get one part of Horntail or Zakum to attack another part. Also, in training, if you hypnotize one monster and move to another part of the map, you may end up clearing a lot more monsters?

  2. Default

    does it work on boss? o.o

  3. Harrisonized


    It doesn't specify. Therefore, it works.

    Normally, if it doesn't tell you it doesn't on the skill description
    (such as a Mage's Slow doesn't say "Does not work on bosses" like a Mage's Seal)
    it should work.

  4. Default

    Although it doesn't state it in the skill description, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on bosses.
    I don't think hypnotizing a monster makes it any more powerful than it already is. The hypnotized monster would probably just die from being outnumbered.

  5. Water

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    Well, some thoughts...

    Does it work on multiple enemies simultaneously?
    If so, will the mind controlled monsters distinguish from one another as allies/foes?
    If not, this skill is pineappleing godly. *_*

  6. Harrisonized


    Pretty sure doesn't cut it for me. =(
    You have to be certain. Unfortunately, people have difficulty understanding my skepticism, as proved in this thread:
    Clean Slate
    How will it die from being outnumbered?
    It says the monster will attack other enemies. It doesn't say that the monster will be attacked.

    Therefore, imagine this:

    Situation 1) A Corsair hypnotizes a monster at the bottom of a map. Then he moves to the top part of the map and starts training there. The Hypnotized monster will act as a sort of a long-ranged summon and attack monsters in areas that the Corsair is not in. 40 seconds later, he returns to the bottom of the map and re-Hypnotizes the monster.

    Situation 2) A Corsair trains by circling a map similar to the Peak of the Big nest. After killing the Newties on the bottom row of the map, a Newtie spawns behind him. Quickly, he Hypnotizes that Newtie and moves onto the top part of the map, where he starts killing the Skelegons normally. When he clears out the top row, a spare Skelegon spawns and he Hypnotizes it and moves to the bottom of the map, where the Hypnotized Newtie is attacking the other monsters and because the other monsters are aggravated by this newtie, have collected next to the Hypnotized Newtie.

  7. Default

    From the video I saw where she used Hypnotize on a centaur, when a monster is hypnotized, it receives damage itself AND attacks another at the same time. Other monsters can't attack the monster that's Hypnotized. It's already being damaged by itself. Don't know if it works on a boss. Doubt it does. Also from what I saw, the Hypnotized monster looks like it only goes down to 1 HP.
    The video isn't very good, so you yeah...

  8. Harrisonized


    In that video:
    The Kentaur could mob other Kents.
    The Kentaur moved once in a while.
    It acted as it would on a Character while hitting monsters.
    It didn't die.
    It moved on when it's peers died.

    Therefore, my scenario would apply. O_o

  9. Default

    The Hyprnotized Kents did die

    She rehypnotized twice. The only thing Hypnotize prevented was allowing her to shoot the Hypnotized Kent. The Hypnotized Kent acted as a character, gaining a period of invincibility after every hit received.

    Still, just looking at the damage output, is that a skill you'd really want more than 1 point in before maxing Cannon, Bullseye, and Rapid Fire? In addition to that, I'd want to max Air Strike and Amp, and maybe even Torpedo before touching Hypnotize.

  10. Default

    It comes late because there are much more important skills to max first. Why bother to hypnotize something then go kill something else and come back to finish everything off, when you could just blast through them all with cannon or torpedo.

  11. Default

    I think the general idea is blast everything and hypnotize the 1 that respawned as you're leaving, letting it fight others that respawn after you've left...

  12. Default

    Hypnotize only has 2 purposes:

    - Fun
    - Godly skill if it works on bosses but chances are fairly low.

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    Hypnotize is a mini poison mist. For 40 seconds the hyponized monster mobs monsters on the platform (depending on the attack i'm sure). The hypotized monster mobs, and is damaged by others. The monsters *should* do the same amount of damage to each other, but the hypotized monster will die last, beacuse he will get the first hit.

    It is not a helpful skill, because it has a % chance of working, and there's little point in having more than level 1 before high 18x as you can plow through mobs faster than hypotize will kill mobs.

    It does not work on bosses.
    Last edited by Takebacker; 2008-12-17 at 12:39 PM.

  14. Default

    Hypnotize does not work on bosses. No status effect works on bosses. That's what a Boss is. A monster immune to all status effects. Remember when Bigfoot wasn't a boss?

    And yeah, I'm totally going to spend 19 more skill points on a skill so I only have to shoot once for it to work instead of twice.

  15. Default

    I stand corrected.

  16. Default

    This would be a nice add to a Corsairs summons.

    You could be clearing out your platfomr with Cannon/Rapid, while your 3 Octopus/3Gaviotas AND your Hypnotized monsters clear another platform

    EDIT: At post up there, why wouldnt you use those 19 SP, what else are you gonna waste them in?
    Last edited by Crovis; 2008-12-24 at 03:17 AM.

  17. Default

    You can't summon 3 Gaviotas.

  18. Default

    And it cant be away from you at another platform, like the octo summon.

  19. Default

    I'm pretty sure you can, as long as it hasn't disappeared yet and hasn't attacked, you can summon one every 5 seconds.



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