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  1. Default Mistakes in the WZ Files

    After being tired of all of the mistakes in the WZ files, a few people from the IRC and I came up with the idea of creating a thread to point out all of the flaws in these files. Hopefully this will get Nexon to change these mistakes.

    Users may submit their mistakes here. I will verify whether these mistakes are true or not. Just a helpful hint --> Screenshots might help your case.

    One more thing, although there are many mistakes in the game, not all mistakes are related to the WZ files and are instead mistakes on Nexon's servers. I cannot control or verify that. This thread is for mistakes in the WZ files ONLY.

    - "Seraphim Two-handed Sword" (id = Character/Weapon/01402053) has the wrong sprites on it
    - "Green Jester" (id = Character/Cap/01002036) has "info/incMMD" instead of "info/incMDD"
    - "Dark Lucida" (id = Character/Coat/01041124) has "info/regPOP" instead of "info/reqPOP"

    - Level 19 of Arrow Blow (id = Skill/300.img/skill/3001004/level/19/damage) has the damage improperly labeled as 283%. It should be 253%.

    - All of the MP3s are still missing/wrong for Pirates

    - "Dark Scroll for Shield for Magic Att. " (id = String/Consume.img/2040922/desc) should have its Success Rate listed as 30%, not 50%.
    - "Dark scroll for Overall Armor for DEX" (id = String/Consume.img/2040509/desc) should have DEX+5, not DEX+4
    - "Scroll for Gloves for DEX" (id = String/Consume.img/2040800/desc) has "accuracy" improperly spelled as "accurcacy"
    - Level 18 of Explosion (id = String/Skill.img/2111002/h18) has the attack value improperly labeled as "00". It should be "99"
    - Skill strings are all messed up (Even after you changed them in patch 0.63). Check this thread
    - "[Skill Book] Maple Hero" (id = String/Consume.img/2280003/name) should be called "Maple Warrior", not "Maple Hero". The string is also wrong in the description.
    - "[Mastery Book] Maple Hero" (id = String/Consume.img/2290096/name) should be called "Maple Warrior", not "Maple Hero". The string is also wrong in the description.
    - "[Mastery Book] Phoenix" (id = String/Consume.img/2290062/desc) has "Phoenix" improperly spelled as "Poenix"
    - "Transformation" (id = String/Skill.img/5111005/) has "Weapon & Magic att." falsely labeled. It should be "Weapon & Magic Def". Furthermore, the cooldowns listed are incorrect (as addressed above)

  2. Default

    Green Jester's MMD / MDD problem
    Dark Lucida's regPOP / reqPOP problem

    I guess.

    Level 18
    Use 38 MP, Attack 00, Mastered 40%, Attack Range 160%
    Actual attack = 99

  3. Default

    100% glove dex - gives +1 accurcacy

    edit - sniper's blizzard can only be used with a bow.
    edit again - revitalizer: raises a monster's fatigue level by 30. (yet it -30's it)
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  4. Heavily armored Humvee
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    Silly spelling errors in scrolls?
    I s'pose that makes this a string error.
    60% shoe dex (sounds right) adds avoidatility.

  5. Post spelling


    To their credit this is a huge amount of text (40 of 70-odd pages) to spell correctly. But, still, these can bug you. I'll go through the rest tomorrow.

  6. Default

    The middle of T-1337's chat kind of gets messed up, and you have to select a gigantic chunk of text as an option (highlighted in blue), followed by an extremely short segment of normal black text that's supposed to be the thing you click on. Also, phoenix 20 says "poenix," and maple hero 20 is supposed to be maple warrior 20.

  7. Default

    Transformation (3rd job) says Weapon & Magic Attack, instead of Weapon & Magic Defense. And the cooldown is wrong. Screenshot.

  8. Default

    So mistakes in things like the descriptions when you mouse over the stat screen info is wanted here?

    Such as when you mouse over STR it says it is needed for Magicians for damage or the INT stat it says something about it being need for Gunslingers damage? lol

  9. Harrisonized


    I don't recall it doing 0 damage though. I had it on 18 (I think, not really sure as it's been a long time) for a while during my third job and it certainly didn't do 0 damage...

  10. Default

    First, there are two spaces after a period. Second, you fixed the spelling error but left both of the grammatical ones. I don't think this topic should focus on simple spelling and grammar errors, because there are far too many of them.

    Ontopic : Yellow/white seraphim does not "stay" on your arm as you walk. Looks like you're dribbling the damned thing.
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  11. Default

    I believe berserk still says the unchanged thing in the string data? Where it's actually +5% the original threshold.

    edit: oops. didn't see your comment about string.wz. i guess this post just got useless lol
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  12. Default

    I dunno if this was fixed or not, but a while ago I realised that the sprites for the Dark Avarice and the Adamantium Avarice were switched.

  13. DUCKS
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    Time leap misses a string in skill description.

  14. Default

    Is the Haunted House pq still severely messed up with the mirrors not giving the item you need to get to the next level? Is that pq still even available? :-P

  15. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    It's not available anymore.

    Anyways, when I did it they gave the items...*shrugs*
    Last edited by Corn; 2008-12-17 at 03:27 PM.

  16. Default

    - Disorder - Disordering an aggro'ed stunned monster will start attacking you, instead of walking away like the description says

    - Endure - Extra HP/MP regen is 10 seconds at each level, both description and data file don't make sense / are wrong...

    Chief Bandit:
    - Meso Guard - Skill description is wrong at ALL levels, for 3 years now... :')
    - Chakra - Desciption is still the old one (They buffed it up, but not in description).
    - Band of Thieves - Description is wrong (They lowered the mp usage, but not in description).

    - Assassinate - First 3 hits cannot perform criticals, even with SE, Skill description doesn't mention this (well the skill is just bugged :P).

    - SSkick / FFist / Double Shot - Wrong Skill sounds
    - Out of bullets message is something like: #^#@#%@#@#@$%&%^* :)

    - Transformation - Skill description cooldown time is wrong.
    (very likely Super Transform cooldown is also wrong, but I can't check, I'm not 4th job yet).

  17. Default

    In 60% Scroll for Shoe Dex, it states:
    "Improve dexterity on shoe, 60% Success Rate, Avoidatility+2, Accuracy +1"

    Mispelling in the description string.

  18. Default

    DEX/INT/LUK stat descriptions are all 1 off what they should be.


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    Elemental staff reduction doesn't exist. Not sure if that's server sided or not though.



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