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Thread: Alchemy Recipes

  1. Default Alchemy Recipes

    For an overview of Alchemy itself please read Isaac's post.

    For information on Upgrading the quality of your appraised material, read Fiel's post.

    Click to view Everyone Recipes

    Click to view Bowman Recipes

    Click to view Magician Recipes

    Click to view Pirate Recipes

    Click to view Thief Recipes

    Click to view Warrior Recipes

    EDIT*These are the KMS Powder Drops from their version of Monster Book. Most of our drop table matches theirs, so these should be very close, just missing anything from Masteria or World Tour (including Singapore).
    Click to view powder drop list (base on KMS)

    And the Stim list:
    Weapon Stimulators

    Armor Stimulators
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  2. Default

    omg thank you XD

    i'm hoping that you'll get the Pirate and Thief recipes done tonight xD

  3. Default

    What's with the dates on the Dragon Armor recipes? o.O

    Good info btw.

  4. Default

    Thanks for posting the recipes =]

    I thought that everything needed metal plates like steel to make; guess I was wrong.

  5. Default

    only weapons need steel plates right O_o?

  6. Default

    The dragon items require crystals, spirits and scales, so three different quantities, not dates.

  7. Default

    Something (MS excel?) converting 11/5/5 into 11/05/2005.

    These are complete correct? Someone said there were also steel plates and stuff for some recipes but I guess that's limited to weapons.

    Thanks for posting these, now I know I need to go back to lv.91-100 monsters so I can get some mid grade A monster crystals to forge a Lucida set :P
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  8. Default

    very useful. can't wait for bowman ones, especially weapons. *mass produces dark nisrocks just to explode*

  9. Default

    I would seriously hope you wouldn't need 2005 Spirits. Fix that pl0x.

  10. Default

    Right - Weapons need plates.

  11. Default

    Wow, thank you so much for posting this! This really adds a new factor into the game for me since it is nice to have motivation to train more. I can't wait for this to come out.

  12. Default

    post weapons, post weapons, post weapons +___+

    wow theres alot of items to make, and wow˛ dragon spirit and scale =O finaly nexon did they have some use on game

  13. Default

    Sucks the lv 110 Equips require the rare and expensive Dragon Spirit and Dragon Scale to make.

    ...and the fact that Archers dont have any lv 50 or higher Top/bottom equips.

  14. Water

    IGN: MysticHLE
    Server: Broa
    Level: 18x
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: VincitOmnia
    Alliance: Sonata


    OMG...been waiting for this forever. <3


  15. Harrisonized


    Eww, where's the Dark Varr Hat? All the others look ugly. =/

  16. Default

    Thank you very much!

    More important to me than the actual numbers, is seeing that they are within reason. If powders do indeed drop at a rate similar to ores, it seems quite feasible for a person to make their own outfit, if an average-stat one. Of course if one wants to put the maximum number of grade-A crystals on each, that's going to be hard (read: costly).

    I'm also glad to see the armors (except Dragon ones) don't require other materials. One of the reason nobody forges or upgrades stuff in GMS today is that even the simplest glove or shoe requires tons of metal plates, screws, leathers, dragon skins, moon rocks, crystals, and so on and so forth.

    I hope the metal requirements for Making a weapon are also reasonable.

    Thanks again!

  17. Harrisonized


    Do you think Alchemy will balance (somewhat) the attack power of stat and stat-less classes?

  18. Default

    All I can say is thanks, but also they'd better improve the drop rate of scales/spirits or else there won't even be a point in the lvl 110 gear being in the maker skill. I trained at Red Wyverns for a while, about 20 levels. In that time, I probably killed close to 70,000 in total. I found ONE scale and no spirits. When the maker skill comes out, if they don't improve the drop rate there's no point in even trying to forge 110 items.

  19. Default

    Thanks for posting this.



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