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  1. Default JMS v305 - Tempest data, Fantastic Theme Park

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    Many thanks to ShiKage for pointing out that there was indeed a JMS patch!





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    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Luminous and Mihile (ew) data. :o It's all still untranslated, though, with the exception of the two Mihile mastery books.

    I want that permanent pet ticket. It makes any pet you current own permanent. It's only a once-per-Maple-ID thing, though. 1,900np for a permanent pet is so worth it. 12 months of buying waters of life is equal to 3,480np.

    Thanks for the extractions, Fiel! Yours are always way better than Uni's.

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    If that ever comes to GMS it will be 19,000 NX and you can buy as many as you want.

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    so, they got it? i mean when they patch jms they will get lowered level need etc?

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    Actually, 19,000 NX is cheaper. xd At least, if you look at exchange rates and all of that. 1,900 NP = 1,900円 = ~$24 USD.

    No. This would be the prelude to Tempest. In KMS, the Resistance revamps were the patch before Luminous made his dynamic entry.

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    Wait, I'm seeing some Resistance revamp in this extraction. Were they revamped along with adventurers in this patch?

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    All of my want.

    It's like JMS actually puts in the things players would like changed (this and shared Cash Shop inventories), while KMS just says, "Never happening", or, "No comment."

    L>Cash Item that makes P/SoK-able and Share Tag-able equips permanently tradeable through storage.

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    I think they got Grand Battle data too?

    And maybe it's me but if anyone remembers people thinking that Hayato/Kanna might come to GMS, maybe they are waiting until JMS do something for those two at Tempest.

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    Yeah, they were.