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    Officially known as Headmistress Fiora. Also, does anyone know a way to get around 40 RP? Assuming the skin costs 975 (or whatever that tier costs), that's the amount of RP I'd need for it.

    LoL thread:

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    Incoming flow of people. Good job mang.
    PS. no way to get 100 RP afaik

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    Ohhh. :O


    On a more serious note, these colors are so pretty. <3

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    indeed, loving it, especially the red streak, however i think the skirt is... lacking, for lack of a better word

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    Riot is known to give people a small amount of RP if they are just under the amount to buy their desired item. The tradeoff is that they have to draw something, which means you're a step ahead!

    Just mention you're 40 RP short and you've drawn something for them in hopes they will assist in getting you to 975 RP.

    Good luck!

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    As perhaps one of the most religious players of Fiora in NA the last few months (Because, seriously, who the pineapple plays Fiora?) I seriously appreciate this. I don't care too much for her current skins but I really want a skin.



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