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  1. Default About the Profession Skills.

    Here's a few questions I have about Profession since I am fairly new to it.

    1. Which two Professions should I start out with? A friend of mine said Alchemy and Herbalism, but I'd like to get a second opinion.

    2. When mining for ore or harvesting herbs, will the pickaxe and shovel remain at the same level if you ever change to either profession?

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    1. It depends on your preferences. You can make some pretty awesome potions with Alchemy, but with Smithing, you can make armors, and accessories with Crafting.
    2. Not sure what you mean.

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    Your harvesting tool doesn't level up. You do. If you switch professions, you will be provided with the basic version of that profession's harvesting tool. Your old tool(s) will not be deleted or otherwise altered in any way.

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    I see. I noticed that each profession has a max level of 10. When it is maxed, will it stay maxed should I ever decide to switch to two new Professions at any time or will it reset back to 1? Sorry if my second question wasn't very clear.

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    It will reset to 1.

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    Okay. Thank you for the help Izzy.

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    another thing, is that it's a good idea to use professions to level dilligence, smithing does that. it takes a few weeks, but is well worth the effort to have +10% scroll success chance.

    willpower and empathy? can be leveled too via mining and herbalism respectively.

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    I recommend Alchemy for your main, for two reasons:
    1. Only Alchemists can use two alchemy potions at the same time.
    2. Only Alchemists can fuse items, especially untradeable items. For example, the recent Summer Goggles, or the current Homecoming equips. Fusing two of the same item gives you a new clean one, possibly with hidden potential. So an Alchemist can keep fusing fail-scrolled items and trying again, essentially having double the supply of clean items - and the possible bonus of free potential.

    It is also recommended to have Smith and Jewelcrafter mules, so you are not dependent on other people to craft things for you. The Jewelcrafter should be a character able to PvP (to collect Gallant Emblems, which are an untradeable required material for some items).

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    Currently, my Professions are Mining and Smithing. I am thinking about maxing out Diligence then switching to Alchemy and Herbalism. I have a quite a few pieces of equipment that I picked up when I trained my new Buccaneer to 4th job so I want to get Advanced Item Crystals so I can make a level 100 overall as well as gloves and shoes.

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    You would be much better off browsing the Free market for those. (if you are not picky about potentials it will likely be cheaper too)

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    I may consider doing that since it is a nice alternative. Like they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained".



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