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    So for one of my classes, I'm supposed to ask people what they think about a certain topic! The question's fairly simple: "What do you think are the most important issues concerning higher education? (university and up, basically)"

    You don't have to write anything super long, but it also can't be a one word response like "money" because that's what everyone I know here says and I can't use that. :|

    I'll also need your name, but if you're not comfortable with giving that out I can put you as anonymous, but I'm not allowed to use too many anonymous sources!


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    Money and politics.

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    Learning to survive and cope with new responsibilities.

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    "Basicly, it's how they could be reckless with their edjucation, and end up only cleaning the streets, while they don't realize they won't be rich or be able to go to a party once a week.
    They have to go realize WHAT they are actually studying for. Keeping it low and not partying every second of freetime, that's what they gotta do." -Alejandro M.

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    The relative meaninglessness of the average 4 year degree compared to the cost of getting one and the fact colleges are more concerned with amenities and sponsors than actual education.

    - Eos Parish

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    "What do you think are the most important issues concerning higher education?"

    Gotta kinda agree with Eos.
    Also, a monetary issue that it's almost impossible for a student to get through college without the use of loans/scholarships/help from parents.

    And..personally I think its bullpomegranate that I get denied financial aid just because my parents make too much money, when they aren't supporting me at all, I haven't lived with them for four years

    -Heidi S.

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    Excluding trade schools and skill oriented sciences such as computer science, most curriculum will not prepare anyone to transition successfully into the job market. Most classes involve textbook work, however rarely will this textbook material actually be applied anywhere except on an arbitrary paper test. A wide majority of undergraduate primarily consists of survey courses. A science that involves briefly going over many concepts, with very little attention dedicated to the relative value that these concepts have in modern markets. It is more important to schools that these concepts have some consistency and relevance to each other as a theory, rather than bring focus to the pragmatic value that each of these ideas have in telling someone how to make bank. Even if you go to school full ride or your school ends up paying you some money to attend, you have dedicated four years of work to an institution that has zero obligation in setting a context for success. It is and always has been up to the individual to make do with the knowledge gained and to bring themselves closer to some ideal conclusion.

    I believe that the entire education system should be restructured and remodeled. I've been debating this idea where some portion of high school is axed in favor of a technical training portion where in a course like science, people are taught how to apply first aid, administer basic pharmacology, and diagnose health conditions. The class would be covered by an EMT, a pharmacist, and a doctor respectively. I am aware that the previous case is optimistic. However the basic idea is that there should be a trade skill that students of any year learn to perfect regardless of how basic and have the opportunity to apply that in a real life setting so they are able to witness for themselves the applicability of their education.

    I didn't really become upset with the college system until I learned that most exams were recycled or used as bargaining tools to benefit students closely aligned with that department or key student advocate groups. I somehow managed to obtain a copy of testing material that was exclusive to each group, consequently acing a chem final since 99% of the test was word for word the practice material. Public distributions given to students barely had any correlation and if anything threw off students from doing well. This whole idea of an "in" and "out" community completely parallel to any notion of meritocracy caused me to rethink the role of higher learning and the reason why we currently depend globally on such institutions for social advancement.

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    I don't know if you're quoting someone or if that's what your own words are. :P

    Thanks for the replies, guys!

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    Quoting myself. :P



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