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    I know the whole schpeel about junk scrolling and whatnot, but what I just experienced was my worst session of scrolling ever. After a long hiatus I decided to go all the way and finish my estaff 6 which was sitting at +6 from 6th anni scrolls (took about 16 to get there in total).thirty four 20% scrolls used to finish the seventh slot on my estaff 6 so I could hammer it then hopefully AEES it. None of them worked. 0.8^34=0.000507 meaning there's a 0.05% chance of this happening. Now do I deserve the I am an Unlucky Guy medal or is there something about 6th anni scrolls being glitched that I'm unaware of?
    Also, apologies if this belongs in Q and A

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    you deserve the unlucky medal i'd believe :X onlyy scroll that looked to vary success rate was the 7th anniv one

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