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  1. Default Firefox & Thunderbird ? :(

    Let me give you a brief insight as to what happened:

    Today, I went to a site I use regularly to watch TV-shows. It's also known as Project Free TV.
    I went to load the new episode of Masterchef, and usually there'll be something on the player that says "Hide Ad & Continue with Video". Usually after clicking that, an ad will pop-up, but you usually just close it and you can start watching immediately (assuming that the video is loading).
    However, today when I clicked it, it froze my Firefox, and eventually it turned to 'not-responding' mode.

    I found out later that my Thunderbird, which was working before, had also stopped working. And I guess I linked it to this stupid Firefox issue, since they're both under Mozilla.

    Now, whenever I try to open Firefox or Thunderbird, they won't open. They are in the processes list, but they're just not open on the taskbar. Firefox won't really open in Safe Mode either, whenever I try to start it in Safe Mode, either it goes 'Not-responding' on the pop-up box that asks if I want to start Firefox in safe-mode or to reset Firefox, OR it goes 'not-responding' on the first page that loads when Firefox starts in safe-mode.

    Thunderbird just won't open at all :( I've restarted my laptop a few times, but with no avail ;-;

    aSD23fnalnksdFKSFDL :( i don't know what's wrong.

  2. Default Re: Firefox & Thunderbird ? :(

    Oh, it seems to be working fine now without the reinstall.
    I was going to uninstall & reinstall Thunderbird, but just out of curiosity, if I reinstalled it, would I lose the folders that I've made for a POP3 email account in Thunderbird?

  3. Default Re: Firefox & Thunderbird ? :(

    Uninstalling typically does not delete user settings unless you explicitly specify for it to do so.



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