Greetings fellow Broans of Southperry. Dizzy here is proud to announce that our guild LostBlades is proudly recruiting active members. Any class. Any level. As long as youre willing to be active. At the moment we're looking for freshly new people as we're trying to incorporate the following into the guild once more.

  • Bossing
  • Training with guildies
  • Guild Activities
  • Guild events
  • Etc.

-We try to be a legit guild so we wont accept hackers of the sorts. Such members will be kicked. But I think thats obvious logic.

Either way. If youre interested in joining our guild please remember its for active members only. So please contact the following people in wanting to join.

  • JCBam
  • BunnehAbuse
  • SecretSlogan (thats an L btw)

Thank you for your time.