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  1. Default Playing Skyrim on the PSVita

    The Remote Desktop app just came out a few days ago on the Vita and people are trying to fine tune it. It allows you to play games on your computer or PS3, through your vita. This seems like it could pretty huge for gaming in general. Being able to play the latest games anywhere with a handheld is awesome

    I haven't downloaded it on my Vita yet. I just ordered my new computer and plan to try it out on my Vita when my computer comes in.

    Here's arkham city

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    Default Re: Playing Skyrim on the PSVita

    Whoa. That's all I have to say. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE this can be f'ucking huge if used right. PS3 AND PC? Daaaaamn.

  3. Default Re: Playing Skyrim on the PSVita

    Lacks full functionality the way Skyrim's camera is set up. It's still cool though.

  4. Default Re: Playing Skyrim on the PSVita

    Does it use the computer's resources or the Vita's?

  5. Default Re: Playing Skyrim on the PSVita

    I believe it works by streaming what's on your computer or PS3 over the internet to your vita, so it would use the computer/ps3's resources.

    yah, it seems like it could be the beginning of the next really big thing for gaming



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