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  1. Default Welcome to The Marketplace!

    Welcome to the Marketplace!

    To start out, I will be going over a few tips that will make searching for fast deals and finding willing buyers an easy process. Afterward, I will be discussing some of the rules governing the Marketplace.

    Helpful Tips


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    What do the 'Points' do?
    Get 5 and get an infraction?

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    Get 7 infraction points and you're temp banned.

    In regards to rule number 4, I usually end up lying about buying or selling an item to get a PC anyways -_- I haven't done this on forums yet, but I do it in-game.

    EDIT: What about possible edit abuse in the market forums? Is the punishment for players being unable to sell/buy enough for that?
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    I do like the the fact you get an icon for the different worlds it is quite nice in my opinion.

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    That classifies under illegal, selling Nexon's IP (the item) for your own profits ($), so no, that's what I think anyway.

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    I would add class icons maybe?

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    The use of the prefixes is dead sexy and way less cluttered.

    Nice work!

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    This is great. One suggestion though, can you save the server selection for each board per user? I only have characters in Khaini so I'd like to pick Khaini once and leave it that way rather than filter every time.

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    Congrats on implementing the Marketplace. This system appears to address the problems I've seen in similar systems, and it obviously took a lot of thinking and planning on your part.
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    See, the problem is that I NEED a price check, and you wouldn't allow them before because you didn't have a market section. Now, you OWE me that. You can't just one minute say "you can't do that because we don't have the boards" and then make the boards and say "you can't do that because we don't allow them". If I were to think as the others do on this board, this is where I would accuse you of being Nexon.

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    You can just look at the auctions on Basilmarket if you really want a price check. And really, you've been here long enough to know Fiel is not like Nexon...
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    Good job on the Marketplace :D.

    I really wonder how much use Belolocan will get out of this seeing that we have the most active world subforums.

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    He doesn't "owe" you anything, especially with your sense of entitlement and your tendency to troll the $hit out of his boards.

    On Sleepywood the vast majority of P/C threads got 0 replies. They were just clogging up the (already dead) trade forums. If you want a P/C you need to ask a merchanter in game..

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    So what about selling in a few different worlds at once... Like I would usually accept mesos in Bellocan, Scania, or Windia.

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    Wow this is really nice! I like it a lot! =D

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    I may be wrong but I think the reason for the restriction is due to the possibility of scams involved with such trades. If you have a method that makes such trading scamproof, I for one would like to hear it.

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    He could possibly transfer the item from one character on the world to another using the MTS, or buy a world transfer if that would be impossible. I'd say you'd use the World icon, but you'll have to wait for Fiel on that one.

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    i might forget that 3 items rule =/
    other than that looks good

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    Basilmarket is really a joke. No one really uses it anymore and the prices there are not accurate.

    Thanks Fiel for adding this. <3 Southperry.



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