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  1. Default All Maplestory FTPs

    -- Patch
    -- Full Download (name of download changes with every patch)

    -- Old Patch FTP
    -- New Patch FTP
    -- [Versions 63-69] --> Direct Client Download (No Pando) (Remember to change URL for the version)
    -- [Versions 70+] --> Direct Client Download (No Pando) (Remember to change URL for the version)

    -- Patch
    -- Full Download

    -- Patch (Entire directory is forbidden. You have to know the exact link you want)
    -- Full Download

    -- Patch
    -- Full Download

    -- Patch
    -- Full Download

    -- Patch

    Want to include yours on this list or want to learn what any version's FTP information is? Send me the Patcher.exe file from your Maplestory directory.

  2. Default

    i LOVE you

    i was looking for that pomegranate everywhere. that's soo anoyying!
    thank you!!

  3. Default

    Thanks mister Fiel, I hated searching for these whenever there was a new patch. :3

  4. Default

    Wait do you mean I have to download it now!?

    NOT AGAIN!!!

    Last time it took TWO DAYS to make the game work again!

    But the time before that was perfect...

  5. Default

    We get to play different versions now?

  6. Default

    Fiel how i send the patcher.exe? i need to do something spaical?
    I want to learn what any version's FTP information is

  7. Default

    just upload the patcher.exe to and send me the link.

  8. Default eMS link

    No idea what the actual full setup link is, although if anyone feels like Euro proxing this they could post it.

  9. Default

    *downloads JMS to play in Neo Tokyo*

  10. Default

    Figured out EMS on my own. It just took a simple google search.

  11. Default

    Patch dir:
    Notice dir:
    (Found on the Patcher.exe too)

    KoreaMS(Not tespia)
    Full Download:
    Patch dir:

    Full Download:

    Never knew that existed:

    Not working btw,i think you need a direct link.
    In case you want,startup websites:

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  12. Default

    there is no use DLing TwMS, because they IP blocked every IP outside Taiwan.

    found that out the hard way x_X

  13. Default

    I have played TaiwanMS,and i wasnt IP Banned...
    Since when they banned?

  14. Default

    im pretty sure all versions have ip banning
    some get banned some dont?idk

    lol*downloads jms on school comp*

  15. Default


    cool :DD


  16. Electron
    IGN: GenoSaurer
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: BowMaster
    Guild: WrathOfHell
    Alliance: Empirical


    i know this is probably a couple of stupid questions, but here goes

    FTP =?
    those links let you play other versions?
    say i wanted to play jms, i would need an account right? but i cant read jap o_o

  17. Default


    Many website use them to upload/make files on there sites via a FTP Client and will have ftp:// instead of http://. The website listed above are the FTP Directorys (This is where all the data from the patches are. (Patch)) and the page for the the main Installer (Full Download). I'm quiet sure that what one is.
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  18. Default

    Updated this to include the new FTP directory and a direct download link (no pando) for GMS.



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