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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.178] Night Walker

  1. Default [1.2.178] Night Walker

    Changes as of 1.2.179
    - Sudden Attack requires 10 points in Dark Sight
    - Vampire greatly weakened
    - Avenger weakened
    - Venomous Star weakened
    - Poison Sling weakened
    - Few skill icons changed

    First Job - 나이트워커 입문서

    Second Job - 나이트워커 가이드

    Third Job - 나이트워커의 길

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    The Vampire skill seems to let them train like a Cleric. Cool stuff.

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    What do you mean no THIRD JOB?
    Also I need help translating sudden attack....
    *Hopes for a stronger triple throw...

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    I'm working on it now.

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    outside of vampire, nothing the class has seems interesting. unless poison sling is something new. (its called venom iirc for theives, not poison sling)

    90%x4, but does it stack w/ SP? then it'd be 90%x6, or pretty high damage for a claw based class.

  6. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    Strengthened dark sight? like, increase in speed, or just the duration?

    Edit: I need to learn, sorry Fiel.

    Are this class out, or is it currently in development? and what are their weapons?

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    The class uses Lucky 7. It's claws.

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    so sling is a ranged poison myst. lol... barely worth mentioning. that'd be their primary training skill, but TT would be their bossing one.

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    Not as impressive as the others, but theres no pictures aviable so maybe they rock! I'm glad they use stars, this will deflate the daggers and scrolls for daggers some more. Hmm, Vampire seems like a nice skill to me, I wonder what it looks like and how fast it is. I think they'll use the Poison Sling uncharged, and I don't think they will even get Avanger at all, since they have Vampire already.

    EDIT: I hope they update the teaser page soon, I want to see those guys in action!
    Last edited by HurrycaneX; 2008-11-18 at 11:19 AM.

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    Seems like a boring class to me.
    flash jump at 2nd job. <3

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    Yeah, it seems like a pretty boring class. The Assassin class was already boring to me, and now it's just weird. Vampire looks good and sounds like a lot of potential, but that's about it. I'd like to see it in action.

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    That seems pretty dissapointing compared to the others, oh well, it's still kmst , and could be changed later.

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    Hah, Night Walker just looks like a glorified assassin. Even with the poison skills, they'll still only be using L7/TT. Lol

    A bandit would have made a better choice as the base class, but meh. Can't be bothered.

    Soul Master and Wind Breaker still <3.

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    Keep it this way. Because I really don't want my Night Lord class to be replaced with a more broken one, thus further unbalancing the class.

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    I don't think we (as in GMS) will be seeing anything close to the Knight of Cygnus for a year or more. So you shouldn't have to worry.

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    Better to worry ahead of time, because it's an inevitable delay. We will get them eventually after kMS is done testing with them. I predict a year and a half from now, to be honest. Claw prices will sky-rocket because the 'current' Night Lords will be making those Night Walkers.. just to test them out. It's like how the hype with Pirates went.

    -hogs Claw scrolls-

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    Aw i am quite disappointed. I was hoping for a lot more after seeing the others. Oh well how can you top L7 and TT i guess...

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    Flash jump in 2nd job = epic win.

    Its hard to improve on assassins anyway, all they really needed was a good close range move and a mobbing move, and they got both with Vampire. I want to try one of these, but Soul Master looks better to me. <3
    Still no interest in Wind Breaker or Flame Mage, more because I dont really like archers or mages.

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    Uh... wtp @ Vampire. I hope that gets nerfed to 30-40% otherwise they're gonna be doing kinda a lot of damage.

    You can hit all 6 targets on the same side right? It's like Arrow Rain?

    I mean preliminary calculations indicating 500hp healed per target (5000 damage) in mid 2nd job...

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    for some reason, Vamp reminds me of AR crossed with drain.

    although, from the description, it sounds like it could work like ninja ambush, rendering it pretty much worthless.



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