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  1. Default Mexico Elections 2012

    Disgusting. Enormous fraud happening all over the country. PRI(+PVEM), PAN & PRD(+PT+Movimiento Ciudadano) are the three main political parties. PANAL doesn't count. IFE is the Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico.

    Unfortunately, most of these articles are in Spanish, I'll just translate the header/title and post the link to the article/images/videos.



    (If they're the same, why don't we join forces?)

    More to come...
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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    Holy shet!?

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    i'm not mexican, but after living with them for a while...

    welcome to mexico people, this kinda shet is pretty normal. ._.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    This has to be the most corrupted Election I've ever seen.

  5. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    Holy pineapple.
    I was supposed to go to Mexico next week to visit a friend who lives in the capital.
    Glad I didn't go...

    Are why are they so violent with it?
    Does stuff like this always happen during elections there? I don't really follow politics...

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    This is just disgusting. -shakes head-

  7. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    This is every six years (Presidential elections), however, this time the internet exist; therefore the TV (Televisa) is not the owner of the truth anymore.

    Yes, however, as I said above, things like these aren't made public because the majority of the media in Mexico doesn't inform with the truth.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    Sad our next president will be a guy who hasn't even read a book. Glad it wasn't AMLO.

    Still, I feel sick with what happened today. Too much people killed and so many crimes happened today.

    A candidate to be mayor from PAN got abducted here. They already began looking for his body.

    Don't want to believe this is still happening.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    I cannot stop thinking of a .jpg with muscular arms.

  10. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    No, bro, that won't happen. The people won't stand for this piece of pomegranate the IFE, Televisa, the PRI call an election.

    Can you tell me why you're glad it isn't AMLO? Just curious.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    There is just too much stuff he has said and done that can't make me keep a straight face. Free water and electricity supply? How? Free gas?

    That and that he can't keep control over his followers, endangering me and family with their protests. I would have so gladly chose Marcelo over AMLO any day.

    And sorry Loose, but we can't do nothing about it now. People are getting more and more scared. No matter how much we try, Peña will be our President.

  12. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    Really? Where did you hear this? Got a link? Now I'm very interested.

    What protests? Where? Can you look up a news article about it and share it, please?

    And I think this is the biggest problem. This is why Mexico is the way it is, nobody stands up to the government. These #YoSoy132 kids are the spark the nation needed. Everyone is behind them, and if not, then they should. This movement is huge, it's all over the place, the media couldn't control it and was forced to televise it. We gotta give them our support, bro.

    Do you know how long the PRI reigned Mexico? Do you remember what they did in 1968? In 1971? They crushed the population, they took away the hope for change and scared everyone that opposed the government. That's why generations older than us have that feel of defeat, that attitude of "why do something about?". We have to stop lowering our head and stop being afraid.

    We have something the students in 1968 didn't, the internet. We don't have that fear the PRI struck into generations older than us. We have the chance to fight and change this stupidly corrupted country.


    Peña Nieto's site already declaring himself as winner.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    Loose, you are going to get yourself killed. What many people are asking for is far from what can and would happen.

    Everyone knows what happens when unarmed people fight armed people. They already beat up a bunch of #Yosoy132 kids. Soon we will get a 2 de octubre yet again.

    We can give them support, I actually do give them my support here on my state, but you can't change a country over night.

    PRI will do everything on their power to remain where they are, you can count on that. It's gotten to the point where only a big scale revolution will change the country.

    Edit: I think you and I have lived through different situations regarding this, but not having fear will start trouble. A change that big to this day is hard to do. The risks are too high.


    This right here can't be done with our current economy. His intentions are good and all, but man, this is impossible, any way you look at it.

    He is bad news man. Ever since 2006 he has been nothing but bad news.

  14. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    I would like to believe otherwise. If that was the case it would mean that nothing will ever change, not only for Mexico.
    Didn't Gandhi manage to do just that? Unarmed fought armed?

    I do believe in this, but you have to start somewhere and get people to change, to get pissed off.

    This is so dangerous and true... good luck, Mexico! rest of latin america should follow your example and start their own.

    However, thinking about it... aren't there international interests in your country? Wouldn't other countries "stifle" any 3rd world country revolution? Like when Chile was trying communism and the US went over them to pineapple them?

  15. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    It might not be possible to do all that with our current economy, sure. But remember that there's a lot of ways to get money flowing.

    Big corporations don't pay taxes. Ridiculous salary of mayors. High salaries in the government. That's a lot of money that only a couple of people maintain.

    Also, eliminating monopolies meaning that there will have to be competition, which means that they'll have to adjust prices in order to keep consumers because there will be other options.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    The last time it happened in Mexico when Students tried to fight the PRI before the Olimpics, well.... many people got killed or dissapeared. And the entire world looked the other way.

    And yes, any revolution whatsoever to try and disband our current "tyrants" will get the US to join on the current goverment aid. We are a neighbor country, they can't just let a war happen at their doorstep.

    I do agree with you in many aspects Loose, but AMLO is getting ahead of himself. If he would have wanted to do this right, he would have made step by step. Specially on the monopolies.

  17. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    HOLY pomegranate I MADE A HUGE DISCOVERY!!!

    Votes by people outside of Mexico are almost the exact same as votes in by people in Mexico. Look at the percentages and number of votes:

    I'm sure that if I would've gotten the results from five minutes earlier, they would've been the same numbers.

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    Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    Funny how the Finnish media just said who won, but nothing about corruption. Being late to the party, like always...

  19. Default Re: Mexico Elections 2012

    And this is exactly what happens when the foreign media is only informed via Mexico's main media outlet, Televisa. Why don't they look at the citizens? Investigate the ballots? Why?



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