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Thread: [Magician] F/p Arch mage and bossing

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    Hey, I started playing my f/p again and loving it. I did a zakum run but unfortatly I ran out of time with just 1/4 of 3rd body left. probably should find a better way to do the DoTs. Anyway during my run I notice how squishy I was dispite having 4.8k hp with 17.5khp. Those 1/1's are just too much. So I was wondering if there are any tips to be less squishy? The only things I can think of is get more aviod(alot) and/or boost my defence(by alot because DAMN mages take hits hard). And maybe that +1second of invicablity potenial.

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    Perhaps this could help you out. It's from Pre-Renegades, but I still do all the same things.
    Work in Mist Eruption wherever you see fit because I never really bother with exploding it in Dojo, lol.
    A tip you could use is try and find a Mutant Snail Familiar somewhere and during the rest stages (or non rest stages if you don't care about what time you get) if you're low on HP and/or MP spam it by bringing it out and putting it away over and over.
    Also use Infinity to heal and not just for damage. Since it has such a long cooldown its better to plan when to use it and not just use whenever the cooldown is up.
    An easy way to get more HP and MP is to create a bunch of level 70 or 120 characters and set up character decks using those. Each A rank set grants 500 HP and MP and each S rank set grants 700 HP and MP.

    I'll record and upload a Post-Renegades run somewhere in the near future.

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    Thanks Green but the more hp doesn't help so much with the 1/1. the new ratios of my hp:mp now throw me off abit with magic guard. Though I will think about investing in a familar with healing properties. Does the mutant Snail do hp/mp for 10% or 15%? I might just start with a boogie jr. for mp because mp eater does pomegranate for mp regeneration.

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    Dojo doesn't even 1/1.
    At bosses that 1/1 you can't really do anything about it other than pot right away. I guess you could level up your Insight for higher Avoidability but other than that there isn't anything that prevents it besides Alchemy pots and those get expensive fast. Higher Willpower could be useful as well for the Status Resist and the HP of course.
    Mutant Snail heals 15% of both HP and MP, which is why I suggested it since there isn't a way for us to recover HP inside Dojo besides Infinity.

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    where did u get Dojo? I never mentioned Dojo. And yeah I was thinking im going to need to max willpower and I don have any status resist.

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    Oh. I swear I read Dojo when I was reading the original post, lol. I did skim it pretty fast. My bad.
    Level 100 Willpower adds 20% Status Resist. You can also make Demon Slayers for your Character Deck since they give some Status Resist as well.

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    yeah I though about making a slayer. But I already had a paladin, sader and Dark knight. So I didnt bother with making a slayer from 1~120 (did 1~70 though). But yeah. Maxing diligence then willpower will be fun =D!!!!

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    I hope that's sarcasm because I absolutely hated leveling up those traits to 100. So boring. They're semi-afkable at least, but still.

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    yes it is. But yeah its good that they are. If u had to click each time u make 1 item like before. I'd die.

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    There's nothing you can do really to make Zakum go easier/faster other than to get a better range. The only thing I can think of is use Ginger Ales from NLC and if possible have an auto-cure and auto-MP (is it MP that works with 1/1? I can't remember).

    For speeding up the DoT process, you could macro Fire Demon and Poison Breath so you don't have to press individual keys.

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    Using macros for DoT skills is a bad idea because macros are easily canceled by just about everything so you have to recast them from the start.

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    Noted then. I guess I had never thought about how easily macros are cancelled since I personally only use them on my buffs. :/

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    The best way to live through 1/1s is getting a pet with an auto-pot. Whenever you drop below a certain threshold for HP/MP, it automatically uses the pot you give it. Alternatively, you can hammer on elixir type pots, since you have about a second before you can be hurt again after a 1/1. Unless you're a warrior (who get 15% damage reduction, even on 1/1s) then all you can do for a 1/1 is recover as quickly as possible.

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    yeah. too cheap for auto-pot. And as ive relized aiming for more def/aviod is really hard. May look for a +1 second of invicablitly then cross my fingers.

    P.s. heros have 30% reduction and paladins have 71%. freaken trolls.

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    more question:
    I do a lot of boss run, however, always die in chaos bosses.
    my problem is:
    pot lock: mutant snail will not work also since mutant snail works as a pot.
    seduce: die instantly with 1/1.

    currently willpower and insight is about lv 65.

    also, I see that dojo bosses missed on me all the time, although my dodge on wep is 1.5k and magic is 3.6k.
    what is the requirement to dodge chaos zakum's attack? like, when do you see the "miss" since zak hit me 100% all the time.

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    You should be avoiding his attacks about 15-40% of the time depending on the attack, but only if you're a higher level. Every level you are below the mob, you lose 5% of your avoid rate, so if you're 132 or less you won't avoid at all. (this is using Big Bang formulas, I'm not sure if this has changed since then.)

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    Default Re: F/p Arch mage and bossing

    The snail works for the entire party iirc, so giving one to someone in your party who has high status resist could work if you go with the same group often. Aside from that mages can only really raise their own status resist.
    @valhala556; shadowers get 60% damage reduction and passive 45% dodge plus naturally high avoid, not sure how much HP/avoid one would need to be trollier than a paladin (don't they get divine shield too btw?).

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    It isn't damage reduction, it's damage redirection -- it works the same way as magic guard, but with money. A 1/1 still brings a shadower's HP down to 1.

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    This is contrary to my admittedly old experiences with 1/1s on my shadower, definitely remember having a sizeable chunk of HP left after 1/1s. Did they change it?

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    Incorrect. 1/1s reduce a shadower's HP to half.



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