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  1. Default Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    You know. That law that restricts kids and teens from playing online games at certain hours at night? Well...


    Bets anyone?

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    Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    It's me or this sounds like something like: "Government you are stealing my right to let my children play MMOs so I don't to pay much attention to them" And nexon and the others are like "Moneeeeeeeyyyy".

  3. Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    You do know that this shutdown system is already in effect, right? Starting in July, this system will be expanded to a "selective shutdown", where parents can decide the time to block acces instead of midnight till 6 AM. (which will not be excluded from the selective shutdown)

    There's even a worse bill than this shutdown system. It's... the "cooling off system".

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    Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    Somewhat unrelated but, is it bad to think that this might be a good idea here in the us? idk, I'm thinking that for some reason...
    Anyways, I doubt that the companies would win.

  5. Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    Something big like this in the Western world? No, they won't do this. Not only is it because there are differences between the cultures. But from what I've noticed is that a lot of Western gamers tend to complain when a game introduces a fatigue system or some sort, limiting their gameplay.

  6. Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    Just to back up what you said, a lot of people in the libertarian crowd would oppose any law like that.

  7. Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    I remember doing some research on this.
    The school system in South Korea is different than ours and expects the students to devote a lot of time to studying, but they play instead (?? not sure about this feel free to correct me) or play until extremely late hours of the day

    it's also called the Cinderella law.
    it is too extreme and culturally different to ever be implemented anywhere else unless they have increasing gaming problems like this part of the world.

    i like how the corporations come in because of dat MONEY LOSS

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    Default Re: Remember Korea's "Shutdown Law"?

    The way I see it, it causes more harm than good. I bet many koreans just use the KSSN of their older siblings or parents to get past the limit.



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