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Thread: Missing NPC?

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Missing NPC?

    I seriously can't find the Best Buy dude from the Allowance quest.
    I found two NPCs in Henesys, two in Amoria, and one in NLC. I swear I've looked 5 times for the Best Buy dude in NLC and can't find him. Same for Henesys and Amoria.

    Where the hell is it. >.>

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    I think that's the one before the Haunted House taxi... not sure though. That could be another one.

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    They replaced it with Cassandra. Now Cassandra is there, and the Best Buy guy is gone. They probably fired him. Poor him.

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    One day I was on my way to CWK and I noticed the Cassandra NPC, it stood out to me because I remember seeing the huge best buy npc.

    my friend works at best buy and he used to get nx cards from his work at a discount. he told me one day they took all the nx cards off the shelf and they don't carry them anymore so this has led me to believe that they cut ties with best buy since they took out the npc.

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    For good reason. Best Buy is absolutely terrible.

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    I thought I heard something about Best Buy going out of business. Does anyone know? Nexon might have removed them on purpose if they did and forgot to remove the quest. I think we should get a new one like Blockbuster to replace it, lol.

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  9. Harrisonized


    LoL. No wonder I couldn't find it. Funny how Nexon removes the NPC but not the quest.

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    Something that Nexon hates can't be all bad, right?

    Nexon didn't delete the quest for Best Buy, eh? Does this mean you can't do that part of the quest?



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