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  1. Default KMST 1.2.435 - [Luminous] Warrior Skill Tables

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    Credit: JoeTang for translations

    White Knight
    Dragon Knight
    Dark Knight
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  2. Default Re: KMST 1.2.435 - [Luminous] Warrior Skill Tables

    For Crusader, it should be Brandish -> Intrepid Slash. For Hero, it should be Intrepid Slash -> Raging Blow.

    And Paladin's Magnet isn't translated. Isn't it the same as the other 2?

  3. Default Re: KMST 1.2.435 - [Luminous] Warrior Skill Tables

    That's odd... some of the previous Warrior Revamp changes don't seem to be in this extraction? [e.g. Heaven's Hammer, should be hitting 4 times on Boss monsters + Fatal damage on normal mobs?]


  4. Default Re: KMST 1.2.435 - [Luminous] Warrior Skill Tables

    That is odd. I think I lost some save data because my master copy is wrong, despite having done the original translation for the patch when it came out. Weird. I'll look into this all tomorrow. PM me or leave a message in the threads about any errors.

  5. Default Re: KMST 1.2.435 - [Luminous] Warrior Skill Tables

    The untranslated skill for first job warriors is
    "Guardian Armor" : Increase 1pvp attack for every 400 defense you have....
    yay for pallies :3?

    And DK/Sader's endure isn't translated as well ;x
    (the passives that give 20% status resistance)

  6. Default Re: KMST 1.2.435 - [Luminous] Warrior Skill Tables

    Checking in on the errors. I've not checked the others because I just woke up, and the roadworks-plumbing noise in front of my house is making it impossible for me to concentrate.




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