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Thread: Maple Utility?

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    Someone just smega'd in Windia about this, Anyone got any thoughts about it?

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it contained information stolen form Southperry, specifically the Damage Calculator (Even though it looks basic as hell and kinda cheap)

    Looks like someone just tryin to make a few quick bucks off of Maplestory.

    Edit: Yes, its $0.99 in the App Store.
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    You have to pay for this?

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    Default Re: Maple Utility?

    99 cents. Its in app stores, like iPods and smartphones.

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    It was kind of a rhetorical question. ;p

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    If you read the description in the App Store, you'll notice it's on sale for a discounted price at $0.99

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    I wonder how many people actually bought that app to begin with. No offence, but who needs this?

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    I.. am incredibly hesitant to trust this.

    I am not really familiar with how Apple moderates apps that go into their store... but I just feel like this thing would silently send your cellphone information to someone, while intercepting any Bill to Mobile verification texts you may get so said person can charge NX to your phone bill without you knowing.

    Yes, I am incredibly paranoid when it comes to downloading anything Maple-related.
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    Is this suable?

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    Default Re: Maple Utility?

    Have you seen some of the apps for sale?

    Looks pretty underwhelming from those images.

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    Default Re: Maple Utility?

    Why do we have to pay 99 cents for something we can get completely free of charge?

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    You can't do that.

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    If you authorize it to manage your SMS messages you can, actually. At least on Android.

    I wrote a proof of concept app to manage "selective quiet periods" on text messages so I wouldn't be woken at 3 am by drunken idiot booty calls but could still be paged by work. This would not be particularly different. It'd just catch the verification code by looking for incoming messages from their specific quickdial, not alert you and quietly redirect it elsewhere.

    Hard to steal what we're essentially giving away for free.

    There's no copyright on raw information. What's revealed is public domain as long as they're not stealing our formats, hotlinking our info or word for word plagiarizing Fiel there's really nothing we could do about it, nor should there be.

    I do believe this was written by @acstyle.

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    Default Re: Maple Utility?

    Well, that's relieving. :x Still wouldn't buy it, though.

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    Basic information that can be easily found. However, I don't criticize the one programing such app or even the ones buying it. It's not like 1$ is a fortune anyway

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    I meant with Apple/Xcode. I haven't heard of it being able to receive data based on text messages. At most what an app can do is send a text to a source, which I guess could do what she's worried about in giving away the phone number, but nothing major. I think Bill to Mobile requires a bit more information than a phone number, I would hope.

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    It sends you a confirmation text you have to enter the value of into a webform, more or less, or reply to accepting, or some combination of both. It's been a while since I've done, but on android at least it could be nastily commandeered by someone dumb enough to give an app the necessary combination of run as service and manage sms permissions. I'd be surprised if you really couldn't do something similar on the iPhone, I could've sworn I'd seen text-message managers and clients for it, and anything with their level of permission should be able to do the same.

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    Default Re: Maple Utility?

    I am thankful to still be on my parents' family plan and don't need to deal with cell phone bills, but consequently, I don't actually get to see what goes onto my bill.

    Jamster silently billed me $10/month for a whole pineappleing year before I started getting text notifications about my statement being available from them, and all they could tell me was that I'd signed up for their services via the web. I never recieved any notification confirming that I wanted to sign up for, let alone pay for that pomegranate. They just took the money and ran. >_> As far as I know, all it took was an ad loading on my phone's browser for them to think I signed up.

    There are just too many people who are in Maple solely to profit... with duping/MTS removed and hacking sites being sued, what comes next?

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    Premium maple Service. Pay just $25 a month and your tickets can be ignored twice as fast!



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