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  • Yes! As many as they can come up with.

    23 15.13%
  • Yes! But just to finish the existing branches, no more new ones.

    43 28.29%
  • No, they just need to stop, period.

    18 11.84%
  • No, but they can finish the existing branches

    68 44.74%
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Thread: Classes

  1. Default Classes

    So, let's see how the current population's interests pans out.

    Putting in alternatives seems redundant - We all know everyone wants content content content.

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    Default Re: Classes

    What's the difference between Option 2 and Option 4?

  3. Default Re: Classes

    State of mind, mostly.

    One implies actually being interested in them, the other in grudgingly allowing them but no real interest in them.

  4. Default Re: Classes

    Yes, I want them to add the remaining classes that are missing!


    No, I don't want them to add any more at all, but they may as well finish what they've started.


  5. Default Re: Classes

    Pretty much.

  6. Default Re: Classes

    No, and I want them to kill off some of the classes they've created. (cough, the 6th, 7th and 8th warrior classes)

    They should have at least finished Heroes in every class before creating resistance.

  7. Default Re: Classes

    It's like, "YAY! New classes that I may actually be excited for and hype, but after the current branches they really need to work on new content! Yay Maple!"

    as opposed to;

    "I guess they should finish what they started. I'm not really interested in them though. When are we getting actual content again?"

  8. Default Re: Classes

    The fact that they can't even put out NEW classes alone is enough reason for them to stop. All of the ''new'' classes are just rehashed garbage, but stronger than the last.

    The game would be a lot easier to balance if they just stopped and finished what they started. It seems like every two days I see some balance patch notice here, which is pineappleing bullpomegranate. They've added so many classes, but as time goes on the older ones aren't even worth using at all, so it seems like they honestly have no clue what the pineapple they're doing.

    Seriously, they need to spend time refining the game instead of adding more mess, but I'm starting to think that's what this is about: They don't want to have to actually put much effort into polishing the game. They're hoping they can keep pumping out the same content, just with a different skin and call it a day.

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    Default Re: Classes

    My sensibility arrives at option 4, but my gut instinct and displeasure with too much classes made me choose option 3.

    So all in all, no more new classes plox. The dead horse of new characters has been beaten too much, to the point of them releasing a class which steals skills of other classes. What's next, a new class that steals skills of another class which steals skills? It'll be called Phantom Phantom (I hereto copyright this uber-brilliant idea before Nexon gets it's dirty claws on it).

  10. Default Re: Classes

    When they release a class that is a logia from one piece, is when they can stop.

  11. AFK at Ch 18 Leafre Straight Male
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    Default Re: Classes

    Nexon believes that they can make new classes to attract more people and revamp other classes to apease the current people playing.

  12. Default Re: Classes

    Make the Pirate legend. Thats all I really give a pomegranate about anymore.

    And Mikhail? The pineapple are you thinking honestly. Its literally a retcon of even having a cygnus because it makes them essentially worthless.

  13. Water
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    Default Re: Classes

    When I choose option 4, I thought "might as well be the only one that thinks that" until I saw the results.

    Finish the classes, focus more on end-game material.

  14. Default Re: Classes


    I would like a Luffy class, though. Or a new Usopp archer class that uses slingshots!

  15. Won't Be Coming Back Straight Male

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    Default Re: Classes

    No seriously, I love having a giant roster and I want them to endlessly pump out new classes with a new area every 3-4 classes.

  16. Default Re: Classes

    I want ALL the classes.
    The less likely it is to pass by someone with the same class as me, the better.

  17. Default Re: Classes

    At the time you say this the vote is approximatley 30:7 against you.
    If the subpoena me after finding your body I am going to be vexed.

  18. Default Re: Classes

    Given that we're way past the point where Nexon could manage to create classes that are significantly different from the existing lot in any meaningful way, I would like to see the efforts refocused on to creating new areas.

    Is it going to happen? Not a chance.

  19. Default Re: Classes

    I don't care really much for new classes, but it really bothers me that they haven't finished up with their current branches before moving onto new ones. The reason I like new classes is that they can create variety among players, but I don't like them because they sometimes get in the way of new content.

  20. Default Re: Classes

    With the exception of the Cygnus instructor branch, all I want is for them to finish what they started so they can move on to actual content. And maybe just scrap Mikhail entirely.



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