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  1. Default attack speed after big bang

    hi guys,

    over a month ago is started playing maplestory again after having quit before big bang. I noticed today how in fiels skill tables all boosters now have either -600 or -900 delay values. Is this any different from the way it used to be before BB?

    Im asking since im a fast(4) 1h sword user, and if attack speed still works the same as it used to im not affected by speed infusion since normal booster allready gets me to max attack speed. correct?

    also, id like the following statements confirmed:
    fighters weapon booster is still +2 attack speed?
    decent speed infusion only gives +1 attack speed?
    arans polearm booster gives +3 attack speed? or did they nerf it to +2?
    arans polearm mastery gives +1 passive attack speed?
    max attack speed is still (2)?

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    Default Re: attack speed after big bang

    Yes, yes, not sure, not sure, yes.

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    Default Re: attack speed after big bang

    for the unsure ones, yes yes.



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