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    Out of curiosity, are any of you Southperricans interested in the speedrunning community?

    I've been watching them for a while, both real time and tool-assisted runs, and I've come to appreciate the effort that goes into making them - I've even started recording some of my own.

    That being said, for those of you who watch speedruns: do you prefer real time, or tool-assisted? And why?

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    While Tool-Assisted is impressive, I think its more impressive to see a non-TAS run. The amount of time, effort, and planning it takes to speedrun, even the most basic game, is amazing. I follow alot of speed-runners on youtube, and watching them practice on stream is amazing, seeing how you literally cannot make any mistake, have to know every trick in the book, and execute it in flawless timing to achieve your goal.

    Speed Demos Archive is a good place to find alot of speedruns

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    I feel non-assisted takes more raw skill, but more planning and time goes into a TAS. I couldn't really prefer one over the other.

    That being said, seeing someone perfect frame-precise tricks in real time (like in the recent OoT runs) blows my mind.

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    TAS is for when you want to go "wtp"

    Real time for when you want to go "wow" / "impressive"

    I personally prefer TAS since I like watching ridiculous things.

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    Been watching the Speedrun shindig for a few years now, both Real Time and TAS. I'm subbed to a couple famous speedrunners on Twitch (Siglemic for Mario 64 and Cosmo for OoT). It's always fun to watch this kind of stuff, since I could never get into it competitively.

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    My official speed run for Sonic 1 with all emeralds was about 20 minutes. (I'm pomegranatety I know). It's fun, but I seem to do it a lot better on the newer games than the old ones.

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    Megaman and Sonic speedruns are the best speed runs!
    And both of them are pretty much the same thing. I mean, assisted or not you only have to memorize the times to jump/shoot/whatever to beat the game.



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