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    Greetings. I recently started playing my F/P Mage. I have been noticing, in mobs of 4 or greater, I am getting a slight lag. My screen freezes for the half second where the little mini paralyze animations hit the mobs. I notice when I hit one or two, even three mobs, it's fine. But when I'm hitting a large mob with Paralyze, all those little mini skill animations makes me lag.

    I tried turning downs skill animation effects, no change. I tried turning down all graphics, no change. I went on my Evan and tried Blaze and Flame Wheel, and I'm not seeing any problems there.

    Is this something new? Is my video card finally crapping out on me? Is it only for Paralyze? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have any points in arcane aim? Because if so arcane aim has been known to lag people when hitting large mobs

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    Oh hell I maxed Arcane Aim. I'm assuming that was a huge mistake?

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    No, Arcane Aim is quite good.
    You're just laggy.

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    Has this Arcane Aim lag issue been around for a while? Does Nexon claim to know about it? Should I play another character for the next few months?

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    It came around in the last patch. My mage friends rage about it all day long.

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    At first, it was only slightly annoying. Then, I decided to try farming coins in Monster Park. Started lagging at the bosses. Couldn't tell if I was in fear of dying or not. Thank ceiling cat for Pet Auto Potion. I even tried to restart my computer and set Maplestory on High Priority in the Processes list in Task Manager. Still lags me when attacking mobs 4 or higher. Mobs of 3 isn't too bad.



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