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  1. Cash7 How much revision is too much revision? (writing)

    So my A-student friend is doing a Spanish story, and I revised it, since (according to her), I'm the "awesomest at Spanish". While almost 95% of the grammar was correct, it was filled with stylistic errors (the teacher didn't teach us about stylistic errors, so these corrections were my own doing). She told me to not hold back, and edit as much as I could.

    So I did, and er, my revisions and comments ended up being twice as long as her original story.

    She seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, but I'm feeling a little guilty. I pretty much tore apart her whole story and rewrote it for her. Before revising, I gave her original draft a B, and -now- I still think it's only A- material. Short of telling her to toss the whole thing and rewrite it with a less cliche plot, it was the best I could do. I can't help but feel that she might be slightly irritated for pretty much taking over her story.

    I love revising, I didn't mind revising this story for her, and I don't mind revising for her in the future. I am just worried that my friend might feel that she's incompetent and unable to write anything correctly, and I want to alleviate that (you know how A-students feel about their self-worth in academics).

    So I ask, how much revision does it take to irritate you?

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    Default Re: How much revision is too much revision? (writing)

    If I ask for revision, I try not to get irritated by it. Revision and peer-editing help us become better writers (well that and reading). If she asked for your help and is content with getting a better grade with your help, then you really shouldn't feel bad. I'm not getting the feeling that you tried to make her story your own, but were just trying to help her :/

  3. Default Re: How much revision is too much revision? (writing)

    That's where track changes come in handy. I make a correction, do a quick qualification or comment on each change, and let the other person decide. Because I am fairly decent, but not perfect, in my language abilities. If there are so many changes until the entire page turns red (e.g. because the other party has terrible grammar), I won't show the other person the editted version, but ask the other person to PROPERLY check for grammar before sending me again.

    tl;dr they sent me so they're asking me for help. They can make a choice but they better be prepared... I warn them beforehand too.




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