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    Lets see some art for Miss Fortune!!! My friend did the voice acting for her! :O

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    Awesome! From the lines I've heard, she has some really awesome dialogue, especially with her "Purr-serker Fur-age" and "Fiber Uppercut". The game has great lines, I really like the way Peacock greets Valentine with a "Heeeeeeeeeeeello, Nurse!", makes me want to watch Animaniacs! Tell her that she's super awesome and congratulations on doing a kick ass job!

    I applied for an artist position, but it seems like I couldn't nail the style perfectly. Oh well. : P

    I'll see what I can do about Ms. Fortune, right now I want to make one of Peacock and her wacky friends sitting around playing some Poker.

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    But.... << Dumbasses. LOOSE! pineapple THEM! MAKE YOUR OWN GAME!

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    PARASOUL TOO PLEASE. My friend did inbetween frames for a few characters and kept saying how she hated the umbrella. o(^▽^)o



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