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Thread: Nautilus Top?

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    Default Nautilus Top?

    I really enjoy playing him, but I don't enjoy him in jungle.. and support Naut is just... bleh. So I was thinking it'd be possible to solo top as him? I mean hey Malphite can do it pretty well, so why not? Start Cloth + 5 I'd assume. I guess you COULD do regrowth and 1 pot but not sure if thats the best way to go about it. What does SP think about this matter?

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    Malphite has a shield that regenerates, allowing him to win trades or at least come out even, and a targeted poke. Nautilus doesn't have any sustain but he does have a decent escape. He's not the worst option available, but the meta seems to really focus on the ability to win trades. Nautilus is, however, good with high damage junglers like Shyvana due to the volume of CC that he can put out. My assessment, anyways, take it for what it is coming from a < 30.

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    I think it really depends on who you're laning against and who the junglers are. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    .... I've heard scary things about AP Nautilus..... ಠ___ಠ

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    Nautilus does really well in trades because he has deceptively large burst
    Unfortunately he runs out of mana in the lane too frequently

    His passive is really good for last hitting though

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    Default Re: Nautilus Top?

    I would say it could be "Decent" or just "Works" somewhat, but nautilus really shines in the jungle almost for the same reason as Lee sin, his Q that allows him to close the gap pretty quickly, paired with 2 Good CC to keep your target in place.

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    Yeah I would start with a ring and ap runes running ignite and be super aggressive early if you are solo top purple side, blue side start with boots+3 pots.

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    It's definitely doable, and Voyboy seemed to think there was some merit to it (though I don't know the breakdown of why he chose Nautilus for that specific match, and he didn't do very well) back in Hanover. You'll probably run into some of the same problems Blitzcrank does with minions blocking your primary initiator, though. W seems like your first skill you should be maxing if you're trading a lot or E if you're trying to push waves/farm faster. Your shield's DoT is surprisingly high and the shield itself scales off HP, which lets you get a lot of mileage out of a Rylai's (in addition to it boosting your already crazy CC). I'm just wary of champions that can poke to death and then run before Nautilus can catch up. Janna support almost seems necessary to me if you're laning with Nautilus solo top to help mitigate his horrible speed.

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    Philostone, and you should be set. At least, against tops that aren't super aggressive anyways.

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    Default Re: Nautilus Top?

    Unfortunately, a lot of solo tops are pretty aggressive nowadays Q_Q.

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    cant really see it happening much, same reason blitzcrank top is nonexistent. when you pull someone, you want it to be nearly guaranteed kill. you need an extra person, maybe even 2, for that. hes better off either doing that as much as possible (jungling ganker) or having the freedom to not depend on the jungler to create outnumbering situations for the enemy (support, like leona). sitting around top waiting for jungle love just isnt optimal.



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