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    Is it possible to get more than the 5 nexon gives you?
    Without hacking/keybinding, of course.

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    Just wondering, when would you need more than 5 macros?
    I have 12 buffs and thats (I think) the most you can get so thats 4 macros.
    Where are you gonna pull another 4+ skills from?

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    This is for a shadower.
    If you have ever played one, it should be quite self-explanatory.
    Also, why keyboards need about 10 more keys just for the skills we have now.

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    Well i'm going to guess that you use macro's for attacking skills aswell.
    I never do that so I didnt really think about it.

    My bad.

    Also, I doubt its possible to get more macro's without using a third party program.
    I dont see how its possible to get more. If there simply arent more.

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    Yes. I've currently got 3 buffing macros and 2 attacking macros, and both of the attack macros are for Assassinate. I still need MH+BS and CE+BS, at a minimum. Also, I need more quick slots, especially after I get the Mikhail link skill.
    asdfghjkl nexon why do you do this pomegranate



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