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  1. Default Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Getting to 200 is too easy now, and there's nothing special about being level 200 anymore. So Nexon needs to raise the level cap to 250, then MapleStory will be more challenging. Screw MapleStory 2!!!

  2. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Or they could add more end-game content so there are more things to do once you hit level 200.

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    Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Like this idea much better. In terms of damage, there's like no ceiling left if you're lvl 200 and do insane damage, what's the point of raising lvl cap when damage would hardly rise? And how many more overpowered-and-need-to-be-nerfed-soon skills would be released?

    Guess I'm just a pessimist.

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    Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    i thought the card system where u needed 6 level 200's to get the best stats was pretty much a, "there you go getting 1 200 is easy 2 is medium 3 is hard .... well get 6... "
    type of deal.
    then you have aswan which basically you have to keep doing to get good potential stats on your inner ability, so basically they are adding stuff that all level 200s can do to improve their level 200 charecters without the need to raise the cap.
    if they keep adding stuff like that all level 200's will have stuff to do for years to come.

  5. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    I wouldn't be against a level cap raise and a 5th job advance, but there would have to be an entire revamp of the gameplay for it to work.

  6. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    After what? Almost 9 years now? I think it's a bit late to raise the level cap.

    As Mazz said, it would be a much better idea for actual end-game content. However, I can't think of a damn thing that will make Maple worth playing after hitting 200, except maybe making a new character and trying again, if you're still craving more.

    Plus, with the current damage cap and the ease of hitting it, there's REALLY no point in a higher level cap.

  7. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Nexon donít want you sticking to one character. They give you free character slots and keeping making new classes. They want you to make lots of level 200ís each with their own individual cash shop.

  8. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    If they create high end level content for 200s, the only way to stop it from being too easy is to modify player damage ranges when they enter e.g. balrog

    I'd like to see something similar to cwkpq in how people have to work together to defeat a boss but with potentials. Only way that's happening is if potentials are nullified in the boss room and/or they do something similar to balrog pq.

  9. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Or you could make it so that you can only do damage after a certain setup. Kind of like how Legend of Zelda games are. You play with the environment to make the boss vulnerable and then you can do damage to it. But having bosses like that defeats the purpose of potential. So I dunno.

    Or they can make new skills that are mobility or defense but action ones. So you press it and you Guard or teleport(but like able to dodge stuff and what not easier) and make the boss have physicaly aviodable attacks. Pretty much make boss battles less stat dependent.

    Like how it is now with what matters is how much %aviod/%guard/%damage.... just percents everywhere!!

  10. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    I'd prefer make the damn game challenging again, properly distribute content, challenge, skills, and experience, add in more content to fill gaps (yes they've done better than when we just had Leafre, but they still need a lot more).

    In an ideal game they'd have several areas that look and feel different with mobs that have approximately the same hp:xp ratio but are better suited for different party paradigms to encourage true diversity.

    Some crude examples being different layouts for different skill's AoE ranges and mobility patterns, different elemental affinities. Obviously making the monsters stronger so they're more inconvenient to solo if you're not godly would help too.

    Throwing more levels up there won't do any good if you don't have any way to get them but grinding the same old crap. They need a massive overhaul of a sort they're not willing or capable of doing.

  11. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    > level 200
    > 997 or more primary stat

  12. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Yeah! Let's raise the level cap to 400! That'll solve ALL MAPLES F`UCKING PROBLEMS.

  13. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Basilmarket-esque "5th job ideas" thread?
    Basilmarket-esque "5th job ideas" thread.

  14. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    They should have never changed the EXP curve in the first place

  15. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    I would enjoy a complete overhaul of the game, as Eos said. Make the gameplay less repetitive, put cooldown on every skills and potions, change everything the game knows in a similar way than big bang. And, most importantly, remove the hurricane-like skills. Seriously, holding a button for 30 mins to kill a boss is NOT how you want to play a game.

    After all of this is done, we can think of raising the level caps and getting a 5th job.

  16. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    My idea would be to have a system of Dual-Jobbing. After you hit 200 in one job, you convert your character to another job. There would be rules on how it could happen, like how your stats transfer over, but in the end you could make a warrior/magician or thief/Pirate. UA on steroids, basically. It can be done in a balanced way if enoug thought is put into it.

  17. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    JMS tried rebirthing in their version of Tespia. They scrapped it because it is a terrible idea.

  18. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    ^This sums it up.

    Instead of raising the level cap for existing characters, they would just release new classes who are
    capable of reaching 250 since it means more money for them.

    A similar concept to cygnus knights who are capped at 120.

  19. Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    Maple Story has never had challenge.

    Getting to level 200 is a matter of time investment, not skill.

    Beating Cygnus, soloing Pink Bean, etc. is a matter of money investment, not skill.

    Reducing the EXP tables didn't make the game easier, it made it less tedious. Very much so. (People think being able to hit Fourth Job in less than a year is a BAD thing?!)

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    Default Re: Nexon Needs To Raise The Level Cap

    This may be only because I don't have a 200, and leveled the old fashioned way of solo.

    >Raise the level cap of 200 to something more ridiculously higher.

    I think WoW did it best, where they were able to raise the level cap a little bit (only 10 levels per expansion, and now they're extending the cap by 5 levels at a time) but make those few levels give exponentially higher stats. Then constantly release stronger tiers of bosses that drop gear that would obsolete the player's current gear. However, that's going to be very hard for Maple to do to due thanks to potential and scrolling in general. When you can already hit damage cap, how the hell do you go beyond THAT without making players ragequit by cutting back on the gains from potential and scrolling? Or worse, make average geared players feel like absolute crap if they gotta release bosses with such insanely high PDR just so the god tier players don't downright murder them so fast? And no, gimmicks to artificially extend a boss fight such as damage reflect or super defense up (to me anyways) doesn't count.



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