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    Your paintings are always surprise for me. ♥

    When do you guys find out if you get in?

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    <3 thanks :D

    we find out like april first week

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    Great stuff, bro!

    I love your style of skecthing. Your women poses are so delicious!

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    I cannot comprehend why you didn't make it into the animation program last time. Simply cannot.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Well, Sheridan is considered one of the top Animation schools in the world, so there is a lot of competition. It'd be nice of @Miek told us what his score sheet was last year. I'd like to know this year's as well. I've seen a few portfolios from people that got on the waiting list, too.

    I'm just a little confused at the range of what Sheridan takes in, but all the portfolios I've seen that got accepted scored 4s pretty much everywhere sooooooo. e_e;

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    I know exactly why, I really did not try my hardest, I was too focus on my insecurities, rather than anything else. I knew the moment I handed in my portfolio my scores would be abysmal, (which they were). Rushed, didn't give much attention to care and detail, horribly presented. I had just given up.

    this year it's changed, I've genuinely got over my insecurities and I feel so much better about myself, and I'm only here to improve for myself and challenge myself. If I don't get in this time, it would be discouraging because I did work 10x harder than I did before and I took the time to finish it to the best of my abilities! but I wouldn't let that get to me (I also have backup plans thank god! hehe)

    I've heard of people who got into Sheridan's animation program, but not Seneca, so, you really never know. I just felt confidence in my portfolio, and that what I gave; showed my potential and strengths!

    I just hope I get in :D, 1 month of waiting woohoo

    thanks guys! :D

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    I have a feeling this has to do with creativity and/or maybe having an awesome character. I kind of forget what Sheridan's score sheet thing is like. Now you're making me worried about getting into Seneca. ;_______;

    How many people does Sheridan let in? We were told Seneca let's 44 people in Fall and another 22 in Winter.

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    125 but i think 20 or 25 is held for international



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