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    I was doing this silly english homework, I needed to find out the difference between words that are similar but are used differently depending on context. It was easy until I got to the diffference between a lot of and lots of. Me and my mom tried to figure it out together but we couldn't, then google says there's no difference between the two.
    Do you know if there's a difference between them? D:

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    Well, it could mean the noun "lot." Like, you know, "A lot of cars" (rephrased, that lot had some cars in it).

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    Uh. Personally, I would prefer "a lot of" just because it sounds better than "lots of".

    But I guess if I had to differentiate between the two... they're interchangeable, really.

    "Lots of love" vs "A lot of love". "Lots of" I guess is just a more informal and cute way of referring to "a lot of" something.

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    The only difference I see between the two is that the first is slightly more formal than the second. That's about it.

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    Any time you use "lots of" you can use "a lot of". However, if "lot" is used as a grouping of something (ex: lot in an auction) rather than a plurality then "lots of" obviously can't be used.

    This is just a guess, but I'd wager (not a lot) that "lots of" is a bastardization.

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    I'll go with formal and informal then.
    Makes sense.
    Thanks for the help :)

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    :P :P Found your question a bit ironic after I saw your name, "Words."

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    I like words. :)



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