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Thread: Tagging and +1

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    Enjoy. Or not.

    @Sarah, told you it works.

    NOTE: This also means "Spam" is now revised;

    Point Value: 1 point
    Definition: "A post containing no value, including off-topic posts or posts which derail threads."
    With the advent of the "+1" system a "me too"/"i agree" post with no purpose or further elaboration of it's own in a discussion thread would also be considered spam as would "reaction" images.

    Additional Comment: The word "derailing" here implies a train wreck sort of situation, not necessarily that the topic of the thread changed. Minor side tangents are not a violation of this rule unless the whole thread is impacted, or a request to return to the primary topic has been made and ignored.

    Also note we can remove the ability to both like, and be liked, down to individual users if necessary, so abuse it, lose it. The eternal rule.
    Last edited by Eos; 2012-02-20 at 01:49 PM. Reason: ETA Spam update

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    "The Following User Says +1 to Eos For This Post:" have a weird note to it.

    Is it possible to change to something like "The following user give a <3 to eos for this post" or something similar? You could change it to something like or

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    They're both too spammy to keep contained long, successfully.

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    Going to bet $5 that most people will forget to use @Mentions.

    What's up with the "Thread Tags" and "Quotes" section of the profiles?

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    So ultra cool.

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    One of those just became obvious.
    The other is a feature we're not using that I can't convince to go away yet.

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    Oooohhh, thanks system! :D

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    Southperry is looking gayer by the count of... days.

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    I find this extremely pointless. It just creates more vertical clutter in threads and visual pollution.

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    As long as Eos doesn't add a "total +1s given", I don't give a crap.

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    Well... then we will just have a penis waving contest again!

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    I just love the fact that I am notified when I'm quoted now.

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    I was almost going to complain about that, but it's pretty nifty =D

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    How do I opt-out? I've check most settings and +1 is nowhere to be found.

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    I keep thinking the red heart at the bottom left is a red infraction card upon a quick glance.
    Will take some getting used to but I like the new features. Good job as always.



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