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  1. Default Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Hey SP. I'm a lurker, have been for a while now, so I just decided today that I wanted to join. You guys feel like a great community that I would get along with.

    My name is actually Haruna, but I use that name wayyy too often and it's dumb to do that all the time when I sign up for places. I picked my favorite MS monster. I've loved Pink Bean ever since the english community caught wind of it.
    General stuff I'll share is some things I share with everyone I know. I'm recently 20 years old, have a girlfriend of 2 years met over the internet, I'm a nursing major, I love Pokemon, and I like to write.
    MapleStory was introduced to me when I was bedazzled with Neopets around a few years back. I actually joined MapleSEA Delphinus instead of the Global server (which was hilarious in itself because I didn't even notice lag until they kicked non-SEA IPs) and eventually I migrated to GMS Mardia. Fast forward about 3 years and my account got taken from me and sold to some person. My old IGN is actually on a list somewhere around here and that's when I actually got introduced to Southperry. It's certainly a story I can tell to people who got their stuff jacked. I moved to the EST server after that and here I am. There's been a screenshot of my new character hidden around here even haha.

    I have a YouTube channel, though not much actually happens on it anymore. I had a love for Pokemon battling (for any of you competitive folk I'm mostly a goodstuffs person) and I posted a few MS videos of my old account. I should start getting back to it. I don't really know what to post, and my editing skills are still yuck city.

    I've never been much of a forumite but I'll post my opinions on things. Also I'm pretty passive about everything so any idea of an argument coming out of me will end up as an apology or accepting opinions.

    Anyway, that's my introduction.
    If anybody asks me about Pokemon I'll probably nerd out and wall-of-text everyone. I think I'm pretty wordy.

  2. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Hi, welcome.

    So what's your favourite pokemon and why?

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    Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Welcome, PB ^^

    Take a doll... of PB :)

  4. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Hopefully that will change. Don't be afraid to stand up for whatever you feel is right, and only change your opinion on a matter if it makes sense to.


    Hahaha, cruel.

  5. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Actually that's one of the more simple questions you could ask me
    Dragonite. I've loved it ever since I got my hands on my first game. I remember spending maybe an hour or so fishing for a Dratini haha.
    -Extremely versatile movepool and purposes
    -The first final stage of the Dragon-type
    -Pseudo legendary BST of 600
    -Cute and badass at the same time.

    Ah I could have elaborated on that better. It's more of me not particularly caring and leaving the subject alone after I have a go at it. I don't like arguing would be a better thing to say.

    Thanks and I'll get to posting! I've had a few topics with my eye on them lol.

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    Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean


    I hope to see you in the Pokemon sub-forum :)

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    Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Welcome to Southperry, our pink overlord.

  8. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Hi Jon.
    I'm not an overlord, I'm just really misunderstood.

    I get summoned out of nowhere, I sit in this peachin seat playing with my toys and you guys just tear up all of my stuff. Last time someone jacked my yo-yo.

  9. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Welcome to Southperry!
    Yes, we all bite but you'll learn to love it. ^_^

  10. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Welcome to Southperry, PB!
    Enjoy your stay, hope to see you post soon. :)

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    Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

    If I ever start a competitive Pokemon tournament again I actually might have a challenging competitor for once.

    We oughta battle sometime.

  12. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Hey! You're from Virginia as well! Where in Virginia? :o

  13. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Thanks all of you! I'm honestly getting the hang of posting again since I'm totally not used to using forums in such a while

    That sounds awesome. I'd like to get back into it, gen V I don't have much experience in but that's what battling is for.
    Disconnectors in NDS wifi make me sad though.

    If my memory from glancing at a thread a while back is correct, we're not but a few cities away from each other. VA Beach, right?

  14. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Welcome to Southperry fellow Virginian!
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    Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Ew, I use Pokemon Online .

  16. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Here's a good one. If you had to make a UU team of either Lefeon or Glacion. Who would you choose and why; other than both being cute as f'uck.

  17. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    Yes, I'm in Virginia Beach. :P

    It's cool to see people from the same area of the world in the same small online community.

  18. Default Re: Yo, I'm Pink Bean

    HOO BOY here I go
    Well for one thing they are cute as f'uck yes. However both have terrible, terrible movepools as all of the Eevee line does. Personally I don't choose just one without working in a backbone of other Pokemon for support and what not. Every team I make has at least some synergy attached before testing or going out with it. I would have to go with Glaceon if I had to pick, as I would feel more comfortable with Ice/HP Electric attacking sets rather than relying on SD + Grass/Bug.. though this is me talking from the only place I've done battles in and the common threats I see there.
    To be honest I like making sets that are out-of-place but work in most cases. Leafeon should never be out on a Registeel no matter what it has.

    Hi fellow Hetalia fan! I could go on about that too haha, but I have a hate-love relationship with that fandom..

    I don't go out much besides the actual game servers lol.



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