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    Finally got this pomegranate running again.

    Name is Dilirium. Need some friends ^__________________________^;;;

    Also need a good skill build for a female fighter. Tried looking at DFOsource and god damn everything there is unreadable.


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    If you haven't subclassed at lv 18, skill builds don't matter.

    On the other hand, if you have and already chose a sub class, please specify or if you need an overview on what each subclass specializes.

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    Brawler: Not heavily reliant on weapon but dependent on status levels for statuses to work. Mildly good in parties. Melee based and mid ranged, and has AoE. Uses heavy armor.

    Nen Master: Specializes in party play and support. Weapon dependent for damage, and despite using cloth can be self buffed to be really tanky. Can attack from any range, has AoE.

    Striker: Pure damage class, despite being fully weapon dependant skills are strong enough to wipe the floor with attacks. Combo based, purely 1v1, fast paced class. Uses light armor.

    Grappler: Fixed damage class meaning they can perform well independent of their weapons. Great in parties, used for mobbing and has a ton of invince frames. Uses light armor.

    Anyways, I also suggest checking out gameplay videos and pick your favourite among these choices.

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    Iirc, Striker and Nen Masters are the Top tier when it comes to PvE, Brawler was mostly pomegranate and Grappler is the holding slaves in Parties.

    God dammit i miss DFO, pineappleing IP blocks.

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    I always thought that grapplers were the best PvE.

    Woulda posted videos but 3 vid cap 4 sub classes lol. What level are you, Sarah?


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    Oh really?

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    See that's what happens when people only post in one thread!

    Sera =/= Sarah



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