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    What would be the main ( best ) skills to use ( steal w/e you wanna call it )? To actually train/grind.

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    That thread's closed, but I feel like you might want to edit your guide to at least suggest combat orders for the plausible stealable skills in case you're in a party setting where you have a bishop but don't have a paladin (aka 99% of LHC parties unless Phantoms throw out all the bishops).

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    What do you have against Combat Orders? Just because the highest increase in damage for any skill in the game is only a 1.054x increase you automatically label it bad? You know what you are? A pineappleing elitist bigot. What if someone wanted to do 6% more damage per bullet on Rapid Fire instead of having Combo Attack? You're going to deny them that just because you think that 330% * 1.25 is somehow automatically better than 336%? Shame on you.

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    It's obviously not going to do as much for exclusively the phantom but it's probably going to have more benefit for the whole party than the phantom doing slightly more damage. Sure, that number's going to fluctuate depending on the total number of buffs and who your party members are, but I don't see why you would value a 25% damage increase for the phantom as universally better than a 5% damage increase for everyone in the party, plus the added utility that combat orders gives to non-damage dealing skills.

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    Everyone and their mother has decent co anyways.
    If they want co that bad they can fork over 100m and get their own.

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    I thought PvP was being removed with the addition of phantoms, meaning you'd actually have to keep a decent item for your phantom if you really wanted to have it. I just don't see why you wouldn't throw it in the list if you can steal 3 skills anyway and holy symbol/combo attack only account for 2 of them.

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    The highest damage boost any character possibly receives is a 5% increase. Guess what character receives that? Paladins. For Advanced Charge. Every other character gets like a 1% increase except Heroes. So, let's see here. a 1% increase in damage for 5 characters. Or a 25% increase in damage for the 2nd highest DPS character in the game. GEE I WONDER IF FIVE CHARACTERS GETTING 1% EACH WOULD EQUAL ONE CHARACTER GETTING 25%



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