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Thread: Past Leafre

  1. Cash1 Past Leafre

    We got the Past Leafre and the Dimensional Crack in this patch, right?

  2. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade

    Default Re: Past Leafre

    Not sure what you mean by dimensional crack, but yes, we got past leafre.

  3. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Lolmaster
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: Past Leafre

    Both of those things already existed o.o

    Future Ereve was fixed and idk what Dimensional Crack is.

  4. Default Re: Past Leafre

    Dimensonal crack is where Arkarium hangs out.



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