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Thread: Arceus get!

  1. Default Arceus get!

    Arceus, the winner of the event in December is now available for download. Get it!

    It's on global link and the password is


  2. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Arceus get!

    ...well pineapple, now i have to go to school.

  3. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Default Re: Arceus get!

    Thanks for the heads-up. Arceus get~~~

  4. Default Re: Arceus get!

    (cant connect to wifi with my wireless internet ) Maybe I'll go to a friends house to go get it , thank you.

  5. Default Re: Arceus get!

    Well I feel bad. I left a umbreon in there since April of last year. I'll get this Arceus tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Arceus get!

    aw man, i wanted my ditto.

  7. Default Re: Arceus get!

    Thanks! Now I just need to get the stupid Dream World to work ffs



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