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  1. Default Maplestory: Zakum Jump Quest Part 1-2 Guide! (Tips to Succes)

    The templar crew back and were bringing you our zakum prequest 2 guide where we show you a walkthrough of the jump quests both part 1 and 2 are shown. We also give you some tips to success at the beginging. Let us know what you think of it

    Maplestory: Zakum Jump Quest Part 1-2 Guide! (Tips to Succes)

  2. Default Re: Maplestory: Zakum Jump Quest Part 1-2 Guide! (Tips to Succes)

    IDR if you had the tip section in ur first video on the 1st part but if you got it for me it seems very helpful and should keep it
    Only thing to point out as far as tips
    you may want to explain what you are doing as you are going through the jump quest ur timeings/tricks atm its just watching you go through it and you don't learn much.

    You don't need to listen to this,it is just a personal preference from a lot a lot of youtube commentary watching, but it may be helpful. Any1 can do a walk through/trick video for any game but its ur job to make it interesting. A perfect moment would be to have ur almost stripped KoC vrs a henny hoe with angel ring+3 pets to show what not to wear to throw in a little humor.
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  3. Default Re: Maplestory: Zakum Jump Quest Part 1-2 Guide! (Tips to Succes)

    Ya man i did implement your idea thanks again. (was planning on doing that but kinda rushed my first guide) I did end up remaking my first guide tho and implemented some of your guys suggestions like adding documents and stuff check it out and let me know how he looks updated (its on the thread original thread)

    Ya i couldve done that but i wouldve had to slow down the footage and that would probably push the guide to around 12-15min which would be sht. Guides like this should be quick and effiecient but should also drive the pointers and tips through. (which we think we did doing it this way). The point of the guide was to give tips and to show people the timings for the jump quests.

    Also I love hearing feedback from people lets us know what we can do differently and gives us a new aspect on what we can do next time so please keep suggesting stuff in the futre :p (if you got any reccomendations for guides we should do in the future let me know here or in pm man)

    We try to keep our guides strictly to the point like i said i add in the flashy editing into my lets plays and montages seeing as it would prob distract from the guide itself.



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