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  1. Default My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I know many people think ''its just a cat'' but this cat was a part of my family.
    Me, my little sister/brother my mom and stepdad loved him a lot.

    He turned 16 years old wich is pretty old for a cat. But there were NO signs of him
    being sick or anything else. He was better then ever. But sadly he just got hit by a car
    and... to be honest I cant stop crying. I think i have about 200+ photos of me with bop
    as a toddler/teenager and as of this week. There is no cat like him I swear, he literally hugged you
    when you felt bad and put his paws around your neck. (Just like a real one). We just said bye to him
    and we were all feeling extremely sad...

    My 4 year old sister Noa asked me: (She didnt know yet he passed away)

    Her: Noel, are you crying?
    Me: Yeah... I am.
    Her: Huh? Big brothers never cry!
    Me: Well, I guess this time its different, I have to tell you something.
    Her: Huh???? you never cried before! (She already started looking sad)
    Me: Boppie (His nickname) passed away, hes dead.
    Her: -saddest face ever- But I didnt even cuddle with him today.. I was just about to pick him up. ):

    Ugh so sad seeing a little girl like that cry...

    My mom also couldnt stop crying saying he was a part of our family. He truly was.
    Ofcourse my little brother (Who doesnt even like pets that much) had to cry a lot.

    She ran to his body and cried so hard. Ugh I never imagined I could feel this devastated over a cat but
    honestly he really was more then just a cat.

    I dont know if this is the right section or whatever or if I should ever post it here on SouthPerry but
    I really want some distraction and a moment of silence for my cat boppie.

    Rest In Peace bop. I hope you will find bram (Our other cat who passed away 6 months ago) in cat heaven.
    I love you.

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    Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Rest in peace bop.

    I can feel your pain man, i have 1 dog that i practically shared my life with and shes kinda old (9-11 yrs old iirc), and i can be sure that the day she passes away Me and my dad are going to be pretty sad about that because she has been part of our family since forever.

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    Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Awwww, I'd be as heartbroken too if a pet that close to me died... I feel your pain, I adore cats to death and it always hurts to hear a close one die like that. Actually, that goes for any pet, really.

    My condolences. :c

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    Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    My condolences =/. I had a dog that died to cancer.

  5. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Thanks everyone.
    Means a lot to me not everyone thinks i'm overreacting. Few of my friends told me I was a wimp and should get over it.
    Needless to say I went into rage mode and stopped talking to them completely for now. =_=

  6. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I know I would be heartbroken if one of my cats died.
    Last time one of my cats died, it was about 5 years ago. She died of Feline Leukemia. I was really young and goddamn, it felt so bad.
    Dammit, now I'm crying a little bit.
    R.I.P. Bop and R.I.P Venus.

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    Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    a few of your friends never had a pet, it's completely normal to feel sad, even more so if this cat had lived for a whole 16 years with you, that's indeed a lot of time.

    i'm very sorry his death wasn't natural man, i really am.

  8. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Awh I feel for you man.
    I really wish bop would have lived long enough for my girlfriend in America to pet him. (Shes visiting me in the summer vacation)
    I met her cat finally during my winterbreak and we both love our cats to death. So now it was her turn to meet mine.
    Silly isnt it. But yeah I had a really strong bond with my cat. He waited for me anywhere, walked with me and even got sad
    when I was gone for a few weeks. (He literally lost weight and kept looking around in our house to see where I was).

  9. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    My condolences.
    Don't let others bother you, they're just heartless. Also, there's nothing wrong in being sad.
    I don't know how it feels but I can imagine... R.I.P Bop.

  10. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I've had a rough childhood and he was always there to cuddle with when I felt sad lonely or anything else.
    I really dont know how long it will take for me to get used to the fact he's gone. I've told him all my secrets as a kid and talked to him.
    Feels weird talking about it now... so many memories are coming back of me and bop sitting in my room or under my bed hiding.

  11. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I know what you're feeling :( About 3 years ago I fostered a baby kitten, bottle fed it, house-broke it, the whole shebang. I ended up adopting her, and all was fun until about a year in, she didn't come home one day. I searched and ended up finding her on the side of my house all curled up, like she was dreaming. I couldn't deal with anyone for days, it felt like I'd taken a blow to my gut and couldn't breathe...

  12. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    ^ Exactly how I feel.
    I found out through my little sister that my stepdad who never shows his emotions was crying in our garage where we are keeping bop for now.
    We want to burry him in our garden but the ground is frozen solid. We have to wait. :L

  13. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I know how you feel. I really do.
    I've had more than 20 cats in my whole life, but sadly, most of those couldn't die peacefully. Almost everyone died of poisoning, since two or three of my neighbors sometimes buy some rat poison or something else and put it over their gardens. Since i was six or seven, i've been seeing my cats die in front of my own house, and couldn't do anything about it. I've called the police many times about it, but was asked if i could provide proof, and even when i could and told them to come over, they never have showed up here.

    Out of those many cases. Three of those, the most recent ones, are the ones that hurt the most. Like eight years ago, there were two cats, one was the only survivor of the poisoning madness in here, and the other one was from the street right in front of my house. As we always adopted the cats that showed up in our street, we brought him home, fed him, took care of him, and it was all good. We even brought a little puppy here, and saw them growing together with him, with absolutely no problem.

    And it was awesome fo some good five years. No more deaths, no more pain. Until the day it came back. The other cats that didn't live inside our house, but came everyday for us to feed them and play with them started disappearing, and their bodies showing up in some random places around our neighborhood. My cat was a strong, rather heavy black and white cat, always playful. One day, he came back at afternoon feeling weak, not being able to walk and with a strange thing getting out of his mouth. I've gotten all the medicines we've learned with many vets to save him, he did vomit, and in that case it was good, as he was cleaning himself from such thing.

    We could save many cats with those medicines, and it was just terrible to sleep thinking if they would be able to survive it. I've spent a lot of time with my cat in that day, played with him, he was even getting better, walking and playing with me. I got to sleep with a big amount of hope, but something was really wrong. When i woke up that day, i got to the place where he was, and it was like going to hell. He was all bloody, cold, it seemed like he was vomiting blood for all night, the poison destroyed everything inside him. He was just fine in that night, and that was what devastated me.

    I had to live with my other cat and my dog. My other cat was already poisoned 3 times, and survived all of them. He simply couldn't give up. He was even poisoned for the fourth time in that year and managed to survive. Again, the police didn't do pomegranate, nor the other neighbors that owned cats. Some months after it, he ran away at night, like he always did, but he didn't come back in the morning that day. I was about to go to school, there was a lot of rain going on, we were on the road, until we've seen his body on the street. I was just destroyed, he survived all these things, but a car killed him. I spent the whole day thinking about him, and my parents said it was enough already, they were devastated, and we couldn't risk having more cats just to see them dying next to us.

    It could've stayed like that, but one year later, we've gone to a restaurant, and in there, hiding under some bottles, there was a very weak, starving kitty. We got her and brought her to our house, we tried to keep her away from the street and make she stay in our house as long as possible. She grew up nicely, and even got pregnant! She was so young, she barely had a year when that happened, but she was just too cute with that belly. In the day we were suspecting she would give birth, we stayed close to her, but like all the other cats, she ran away to give birth in the middle of the night.
    I was looking for her, and got outside to check absolutely every single place, in a goddamn strong rain, just to bring her safe to our house. Many days have passed, all the cats have disappeared from our street, and i haven't seen her, or her babies, since that day. We asked everyone, we searched everywhere, but she just vanished.

    I don't actually know what's worse. Seeing your loved ones die in front of you, but trying to save and help them until the last moment, or living like this, waiting for the day i'll know the truth.
    I only have my dog now, and two cats i adopted from the street, that were both extremely skinny and needed help. But i swear to god that if that motherpineappleer uses that poison again, i won't wait for the police. Because it's a pain i don't want anymore, not like this. I wish, everyday, that his disgraced life gets much worse than what it is now, because he deserves to suffer much more than the suffering he made all those innocent creatures have.

  14. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Sorry for your loss.

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    Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I feel for you man, losing a pet is always sad. But he died a cats death, while exploring, rather than you having to watch him die of old age. I know it's not much, but i hope that is a small condolence at least. It would be for me, but we are all different.

    My condolences.

  16. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I'm really sorry about your kitty. :( I have a kitty as well who I sleep with every day and I can not imagine losing him—it really is like losing a family member, and you should allow yourself time to grieve.

    Also, slightly related rant: I really dislike the stigma people attach to cat owners who love their cats. No one will call you a "crazy dog man" for doting on and loving your dog, and everyone will be very sympathetic if your dog dies. But for some reason, in North America at least, cats are like second-tier pets, and people will call your a crazy cat lady just for having a picture of your cat as your cell phone wallpaper. It makes me sad and angry, because cats are wonderful pets and just as loyal, loving and intelligent as dogs. They should be given proper respect too, and I am sure that every cat owner out there is just as upset at the loss of a cat as a dog owner would be at the loss of a dog.

    So again, my sincere condolences about your kitty. I will be giving my cat an extra hard snuggle tonight. :(

  17. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Sorry for your loss. I had a dog that I really loved pass away a few years ago. Losing animal friends is never fun.

  18. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):


    Damn I'm gonna miss him.

    Hope you're coping okay :/.

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    Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    I'm so sorry for your loss ;; I have six cats, and one of them is getting relatively old, so I feel the same might be happening to me in a few years time.
    You'll be able to get through it though :< It'll take, time, though. /hug

  20. Default Re: My cat (Bop) just passed away. And i'm devastated. ):

    Thanks for all the support guys I really appreciate it.
    I still miss him loads. I still automaticly whistle when I get back home from college expecting him to be there waiting me up like
    he always did. But he´s never there... I always get a little sad and just start doing something else and try to forget about it.

    Ugh bop.. I want you back so bad. I would give so much for that to happen. ;l
    Guys. Im crying manly man tears here ;_;
    I need a cuddle..



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