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  1. Default Will Demethos have missing channels?

    Yellonde is still missing about 30% of all of their channels which can disrupt the amount of training spots available. Considering that this is not fixed yet for Yellonde, do you believe that the same issue will apply to Demethos?

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    I said yes, but I think Demethos is more likely to have them all considering there is a lot more incentive to move to start in the new world this time.

  3. Default

    If you're referring to the fact that Yellonde has only 13 channels, the same actually applies to Kradia and Mardia too, so I doubt Demethos will have a full set if the other three haven't been fixed.

    Then again, they may do so with this patch. Who knows?

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    Well, we all know Nexon likes to be cheap.

  5. Default

    Yeah all of the "newer" servers are limited to 13 channels because of maintenance that was meant to be done in August.

  6. Default

    I see no reason they would give Demethos more channels then all the other 3 new ones =/

  7. Default

    I never saw it as broken. o_o
    They figure, new world, low pop. Save money with fewer channels. Just look at Kradia. D;



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