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    Looking over what Orangemushroom posted, I'm kinda confused about a couple of things. Post-Union, Arans have physical training, that Maha party buff and might, right? Also, do you get anything if you already passed freeze standing 30/high mastery 30/high defense 30?

    Most importantly, it says "Combo Barrier: now increases party’s defense and magic defense by 60". That's in addition to the percent mitigation, right? Like, it's not the worst skill in the game post-union, is it?

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    Afaik, If the skill gets transformed into another skill, You keep the mastery level. If it is deleted and another skill added, then you need to re-obtain that skill/mastery level sadly.

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    Nothing's getting deleted, it's just that 10 points are being removed from high mastery, high defense and freeze standing to make room for advanced final attack without changing the total number of skill points. I'm hoping that means that you get AFA 30 if you've passed 2 of the 3 level 30 books, but I didn't really want to assume that.

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    No you won't. The only way you get a free mastery book pass is if you have a skill become a new skill (e.g. bowmasters phoenix became : spirit link phoenix). You'll get the skill points refunded but you'll need to pass AFA 20/30.



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