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Thread: [Demethos] Looking for avid PQers

  1. Default Looking for avid PQers

    To you Demethos players (or lack of Deme players really :P)

    Mainly looking for people that would do Hoblin PQ like 10 times a day (shouldn't take long at all)
    Also looking for people to complete other PQs.

    I'm up for anything :)

    So, if you want to complete for the rewards/exp/cards for the crusader codex/etc whatever, just leave your name here :)
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    What world are you in?

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    I'll edit my first post to make that more clear :)

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    As many of you may know, CWPQ is coming out in the patch later today! (Yay)
    Since Deme may not be as active as other servers, I figured it might be hard for some people to find partners to CWPQ with.

    So basically, leave your ign as well as class if you're interested in PQing!
    I'll try to keep this thread updated with people and their classes, so if you have a few people but are missing one or two classes - you can always come to look here :P

    -lvl 90 or above
    -a willingness to learn (you don't have to know to do it but you have to at least try to complete it)







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    Love to do some CWK, Kenta, Dragon Rider, and maybe some Escape too! Msg me ingame, I usually play weekends ^^



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