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  1. Default Twitter to censor tweets

    Doesn't really fall under the ACTA/SOPA/PIPA category.. so I've made a thread for it. I got this email

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    Default Re: Twitter to censor tweets

    I'm betting it has to do with

    1) China
    2) the countries in the Arab Spring (is it still going on?)

  3. Default Re: Twitter to censor tweets

    It has to do with places like Germany that have anti-nazi laws. So they'll be censoring tweets in those regions ONLY that fall under those specific parameters.

  4. Default Re: Twitter to censor tweets

    I'm not too sure this is something to get upset about. Some countries feel differently about some things and Twitter is just trying to keep itself out of the fire.

    A man proposing marriage to a women might be normal here but considered a hell worth atrocity somewhere else.

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    Default Re: Twitter to censor tweets

    They must censor themselves if and only IF the country they try to use their plataform as some censor laws in place.

    If the country dont have any kind of censor law then that would be a reason of concern.



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