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  1. Default Secret Recipe & Bowguns

    Did nexon update the rewards given by Secret Recipes yet with the new recipes?
    I was wondering if I could farm the Ipos/Von Leon Bowgun recipe with this or are they unobtainable atm?
    Please state if you ever saw one of these recipes before, it would help me a lot.

    And if they're unobtainable, which Bowgun is currently best to use (excluding Empress & reverse/timeless)?

    Thank you.

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    Empress DBG currently exist thanks to the last hot time event, however they are incredibly, incredibly overpriced thanks to their rarity and that it's an Empress weapon. Think someone on Scania wanted 300k NX for one? As far as I'm aware you can't get the lv130 PvP or Von Leon DBG, so excluding the Reverse/Timeless DBG, your best bet is the Lv110 Legendary DBG or regular Lv110 DBG.

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    Best obtainable bowgun right now would be the Abyss Blooms.

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    I got a bowgun from the PvP battle pouch, so it's got a chance of being in the secret recipe Larson sells(we would've seen it by now if the even recipes pissed them out), but don't hold your breath.
    Best available tradeable(seeing as you excluded reverse/timeless) one is probably the 110 one that you craft, or possibly Abyss if the ingredients are actually available.

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    Anyone has information or confirmation about what drops Dragon Majesty Bowgun or the recipe?
    I've owled for a couple of days without any luck.

    > Do not want untradable forever equips.

    Edit: Got one, thanks guys!
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