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  1. Default Supposed Miracle Cube Probability.

    Before you flame me, please don't hold the probabilities in this thread as completely true. The only source that I've gotten this information is from two miracle cube simulators and a few insoya threads. The values were all the same, some of the threads were deleted and so on. The purpose of this thread is similar to those in the Module, except that this one has the supposed probabilities that Koreans advertise.


    job adv rangeLevel 0-30: 1, 31-70: 2, 71+: 3
    level The level of the item
    floor(x)Rounding down the value.
    ceiling(x)Rounding up the value.
    [Level X]Level required to get the potential.

    This thread and the two simulators that were deleted.
    Cynthia, who has left me.
    Fiel, for reference to form formulas
    This and the many other Insoya threads used as a reference
    Me for spending 2 days formatting this dumb thread.
    Kaasoljoyyx for telling me to post this indirectly.
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    Jesus christ those rates are LOOOWWWWW. NExon expects people to spend 2 dollars per cube for a 4.5% chance for boss damage on just their weapon alone? Oh wow.

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    Sad part is, people actually spend those 2 dollars for a sad chance of getting boss damage on their weapon alone.

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    Unfortunately this info's definitely outdated - no sign of the epic/unique primary w.atk lines on weapons, for example. Probably why the Koreans gave up

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    I've never seen this.

    It also isn't how potential fetching is, iirc.

    I got this from threads in Insoya explaining how Super Miracle Cubes work, so I'm not sure if it's really "outdated".
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    Well, they exist in GMS :x I'll take an SS next time someone smegas one.
    iirc epic primary is +2 atk from rare primary, and unique primary is a further +2.

    It's definitely plausible they were added by accident and are no longer possible but I haven't done any cubing of epic+ weapons so I can't say either way.

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    Are you sure it isn't a weapon that was glitched, fixed and never cubed?

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    what i'm most intrigued though, is the chance for primary lines in secondary lines.

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    P.S. the simulator is located here now (with a LOT more options such as your job, showing damage range, all scrolls, etc).

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    I swear ignore 15% defence comes up more than that. I was cubing earlier and it came up over 50% of the time.
    As for adv bless is that really 70+? i had an assumption it was 120+.

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    Was just about to post this.

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    Yeah, it is level 120+. I made a typo.

    Thanks for the cube simulator Max.

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    If these rates are true it doesn't feel like it at all. some stuff like Accuracy + X (level/5) 7.4% seems like its 20% especially when you are fusing/crafting earrings.

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    That simulator is fun.
    Made a 24 att hat

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    How do you cube cant figure out
    edit: nvm had to potential first lol...

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    Click an item, use a potential scroll on it, identify it with a glass, then just keep pressing the cubes.

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    o.o How do you switch to the Super cubes?

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    You unlock them at level 15^

  19. Default Re: Supposed Miracle Cube Probability.

    I guess this is the best place to keep track of potential I get...

    I'll list everything I get, so it's a fair sample. Items are coming from Monster Park, so maybe applying only to that (I know fusing has higher chance of secondary lines coming up with good stats). I've marked secondary lines that have above-tier stats with a *, 2 out of 19 secondary lines so far.


    Varying level stuff 50-60, I just left it with the first equip that had on it. So eg. +50 mdef is the +level one. Didn't want to confuse everything with formulas.

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    Default Re: Supposed Miracle Cube Probability.

    Showed up blank on Google Chrome, but works fine on Firefox.



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